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PlayBox Technology’s Research Illuminates the Path for Audience Expansion and Precision Advertising

In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of media and entertainment, PlayBox Technology shines a bit of enlightment with its most recent white paper publication. The white paper, called ‘Audience Growth and Ad Relevance in Broadcast Media and Streaming Services,’ provides a thorough examination of the sector’s ongoing transformation and its substantial impact on the proliferation…
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How FAST TV is reshaping the streaming landscape and challenging the dominance of subscription-based platforms

The streaming industry has been dominated by subscription-based platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max for years. These platforms offer a large library of content, original productions, and exclusive deals with popular creators and studios. However, they also come with a monthly fee that can add up quickly for consumers who…
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Christ Miracle Church Mission Launches FAST TV Platform Powered by PlayBox Technology

PlayBox Technology, a leading provider of cloud-based playout solutions, has announced the successful deployment of its FAST TV platform for Able Champion TV, a new online channel launched by Champions of Fire TV and Christ Miracle Church Mission. Able Champion TV is a dedicated channel that broadcasts CMCM’s programs, such as prophetic prayer points, conventions,…
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