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Every Wednesday we bring you some of the greatest minds and voices in the media, entertainment and broadcasting industries to discuss the world’s newest trends, technological advancements and powerful ideas.

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Meet the Host

Neil Thacker

Neil Thacker had been the Host of PlayBox Technology’s “In the Hub” podcast.

Every week Neil dedicates the time and devotion in learning and interviewing the best minds in the broadcast and media technology industry through the “In the Hub” Podcast. He has carried out interviews with the likes of John O’Loan, Peter Bruce, James Gibson, David Griggs, Linda Duberley, Steve Finer, Mark Johnson, and so many more. Neil is also the voice of PlayBox Technology’s product videos.

From October 2019, Neil has been the Go to Market Manager in PlayBox Technology. His role involves the ideation, implementation and development of international digital marketing strategies for worldwide broadcasting markets. Within this role, he effectively manages design & creative, content development and other activities within the scope of Digital Marketing. Alongside this, he conducts day-to-day sales activities and works to maintain optimal client, dealer and distributor relationships.

Neil is an IABM Andrew Jones Young Person of the year awards finalist.