Automated Quality Control

Automated Quality Control


Easy Quality Control Checks In a playlist directory or chosen files, QCBox analyzes the relevant media data. Basic checks include checking for correct stream length continuity (no missing or overlapping frames), frozen or empty frames, and audio tests including measurement of loudness, phase and audio quality. Test results are stored on AirBox in a metadata file that contains the media file. The metadata file is tested and, based on the software parameters, the AirBox playout can be programmed to skip the file, show an alert before playing the file or play the file. In addition QCBox’s loudness control data can be used to change the audio playback settings automatically.

Cost Effective Loudness Control Intended for ITU-R BS.1770-1, ITU-R BS.1770-3, CALM Act, ATSC A/85 and EBU R128 television channels–for audio loudness control.

QCBox automatically checks media files for: File System Level Errors, Correct Media and/or Stream Length, Real Checks vs Specific Decoder Failures, Lost or Overlapping Frames Black and Frozen Video, Program Loudness, Loudness Spectrum and True Peak measurement* program output.

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Why choose QCBox?

With over 15 years’ of experience delivering professional broadcast and streaming solutions for broadcasters across the world, you’re in safe hands with PlayBox Technology. Discover the benefits of choosing QCBox for your video quality control.


QCBox is designed to provide efficient quality control at the heart of any workflow – no matter how complex. QCBox is ready to scale with your business.


Professional, broadcast-grade quality control doesn’t have to break the bank. QCBox is a cost-effective quality control solution that makes sense for broadcasters big and small.


As with any PlayBox Technology product, QCBox is designed to check and quality control any file in any format. As your business evolves, QCBox follows.


Our decades of experience in the broadcasting industry means that we can advise on and provide world-class workflows. Get in touch for more information on our professional services.


Digital Broadcast industry is growing quickly and far from the days of analog tape being processed for playout of MPEG-2. File-based content frequently comes from many different sources and is compressed, transcoded, and repurposed to various bitrates, formats and encoding requirements for both SD or HD transmission, posing significant challenges to AirBox playouts.


QCBox by PlayBox Technology is equipped to automatically track media files and provide verification in compliance with legal and technical specifications.


• 24/7 Performance test that saves time and money to display every file

• All video content based on SD / HD files is tested to be eligible for AirBox playout

• Finds mistakes that can be overlooked and increases QoS playout

• Early resolution of encoding issues to prevent problems with the quality of the workflow

• Pre-or post-transcoding, repurposing, editing, etc.