Instant Playout

Instant Playout of Multiple Channels

Production AirBox

Production AirBox provides content playout for news, live shows, screens and video walls feeding, live production broadcasts and other places where video/audio content have to be displayed. It is designed to meet the high reliability requirements of broadcast playout.

Every modification to the playlist can be made during on-air sessions for live productions! No clips become locked. It is possible to trim or reposition every clip in the playlist. In fact, on-the-fly playout position can be modified with commands such as next, jump or shuttle. These changes are carried out smoothly without disrupting the running session of playout.

Up to four individual players on one server can be installed. Each player will have separate playlist and control over the playout. It is possible to designate the four SDI interfaces as software or sample outputs.

live streaming playout


– Compatible with a vast majority of video compressions: 4K, MPEG2, HDV, DV, AVC/H.264, HAVC/H.265, AVC-Intra, DVCPro HD,
– DVCPro 50, DVCPro, VC-1, MPEG1, etc.
– Supports variety of media containers: MPEG Transport Stream, AVI, raw DV, MXF, QuickTime (MOV and MP4), GXF, LXF, etc.
– On-air playlist editing
– NewTek NDI protocol output
– Playout of 32-bit files (Video + Alpha) for Fill & Key output
– Integration with AP ENPS, Ross Inception and Mira Media
– News Room Systems via MOS protocol
– Mixing of different video resolutions and formats in a single playlist
– Control via External controller – XKEYS (XK-24-USB-R)
– Super Output with superimposed counters per every channel
– Playback of clips still being captured
– Logical content trimming
– High reliability and seamless playlist playback
– Multi-channel audio playout
– Four channels in a single server
– Shuttle operations over the playlist with up to +/- 32x speeds
– Single user interface can control four channels
– Low latency response
– Loop for the entire playlist
– Loop, Continue, Hold Last Frame, Cue Next, Stop per playlist item
– Optional Remote Control via GPI, VDCP and MOS protocol
– API licensing available for integration with third party systems
– Fill and Key output