About Us


It’s All in a PlayBox  

Established in 2004 by Don Ash – one of the industry leading technology pioneers, PlayBox Technology is a global media and information technology company, servicing the broadcast, streaming, media & entertainment and commercial industries.

PlayBox Technology focuses on the research, design and development of the best products, systems solutions and services. PlayBox Technology offers integrated PC and cloud based solutions derived from cutting edge technology for networked Broadcast Automation Management.

PlayBox Technology is powering thousands of TV and branding channels. Customers include national and international broadcasters, start-up television channels, content owners, OTT channels, webcasters, DVB/ ATSC TV channels, digital video and music channels, movie channels, mobile TV channels and channels for Disaster Recovory.

PlayBox Technology’s vision is to utilize our practical and theoretical experience and knowledge to optimize TV broadcasting’s technological and organizational dimensions while increasing workflow speed and efficiency.

PlayBox Technology provides innovative and advanced technology and highly skilled 24/7 software and technical support 365 days in the year. This results in many cases in significant cost savings over the life of any integrated solution for our customers.


PlayBox Technology is the Number 1 Global ‘TV Channel in a Box’ provider offering Playout Automation, Interactive CG & Graphics, Multi Asset Management solutions, as well as Content Management, Automation, Subtitling in SD, HD and DVB/IP, as stand-alone or as integrated solutions.

PlayBox Technology is committed to researching designing, developing and selling broadcast products, systems software and services. Numerous successful deployments are in place to fuel input to the R&D and ensure that the products from PlayBox Technology continue to provide the best solutions on the market.

The international team of PlayBox Technology and the OEM Technology Partners are developing and supporting these solutions. Our partners each build their core skills as PlayBox Technology incorporates these products to deliver robust solutions and speed-to-market acceleration. For us, our partners and, most importantly, our clients, this is a win – win scenario.

PlayBox Platform offers innovative and flexible solutions to meet your workflow and provides the clients with the product they want at the price they want. PlayBox Technology is there to meet the needs for any type of solution – from a Single Channel Playout Server to a Multi-Channel Turn-Key system. PlayBox Technology offers solutions that achieve the highest standards of performance, versatility and service at affordable price points. Our approach builds synergies that are more efficient and expansive than any single competitor: a strategy in which the components are actually greater than the whole.

By choosing our products, the customers will have the chance to join the family of over 20,000 users of Playout and Branding Channels powered by PlayBox Technology in more than 130 counties.


PlayBox Technology is part of a wide global network that is focused on delivering the best technical and customer oriented solutions to the ever-changing broadcast market. We know that each customer is unique. Our years of experience in technology development and technical support provides us with the possibility to offer a wide range of solutions at a price point that makes sense.

When the cusotmer selects PlayBox Technology as their manufacturer, not only they purchase our equipment, but fundamentally they buy all of our company including our the dedicated software development, operational and process management, services and technical support, training, management and more. They form a business relationship with a manufacturer that will ensure they receive the services they need at the time when they need them. Once the customer buys our products, we will introduce them to our entire process plan, including our technology and development timeline.


PlayBox Technology designs and offers highly efficient computer software solutions for mission-critical on-air and OTT broadcasting applications, with its main advantage in on-air channel play area.

The company meets the requirements of numerous channel providers and broadcasters. Our automation software provides broadcasters with enterprise-level management of their channels, thus expanding their spectrum of on-air automation systems and sequence management, and providing resources for internal control, assets and archive management, trailer creation, copying content in various delivery formats, multi-channel play-to-air and multi-platform delivery.

Benefits of Using PlayBox Products

A Complete Integrated Solution

“It’s All in a PlayBox” is more than a tag line. PlayBox Technology provides the power of a full TV station in each chassis. Playout. Automation. Ingest. Graphics. QC. It’s all in there, at a quality level trusted by broadcasters worldwide.

Any Size You Need

PlayBox Technology is fully scalable from a simple channel in a box server, desktop PC or a laptop, to full network broadcast center, with hundreds of available channels in and out. Start small and grow easily, logically and affordably.

Optimal Cost of Ownership

PlayBox Technology has a low buy-in and running cost. Add in PlayBox Technology reliability, and the cost of ownership is dramatically lower without compromising quality.

File Agnostic

We can play out almost all video formats back to back in the playlist without transcoding, such as MPEG1.2.4.MOV.AVI, WMV, H.265, long GOP, Short GOP, VBR, FBR, you name it. This saves you time, workflow complications, and money.

Ease of Use

Simple, yet powerful, providing many functions like converting traffic logs to a playlist, using the drag and drop playlists, trimming, and viewing can be done without purchasing additional products. This saves you money, and adds to the ease of use philosophy.

Powerful, Flexible, Simple Automation

PlayBox Technology has its own integrated automation system that runs PlayBox Technology systems as well as third party products. This saves you money, eases the use of real estate and simplifies operations without sacrificing functionality.

More Channels On the Air

Broadcast is a business that rewards performance and quality. PlayBox Technology has more TV and branding channels on the air than any other manufacturer, supporting local, regional, national and international broadcasters, DVB/IP and Satellite TV, interactive TV channels, content owners, OTT operators, music and film channels, remote broadcasting, PEG TV, and Disaster Recovery.

A Powerful Graphics Engine

Many all in integrated playout systems are weak in graphics. Not PlayBox Technology. We do rolls, crawls, PIP, automations, bugs, squeezebacks, web pages, RSS, all at the highest quality. PlayBox Technology is compatible with nearly every graphics format out there, including HTLM5 and allows real time editing.

Remote Diagnostics

PlayBox Doctor is included with every system. PlayBox Doctor diagnoses issues, to remotely get your issue fixed fast and in most instances, without a service call.