Content Management

All-in-one Content Management


DataBox is the PlayBox system’s information backbone. It is a highly integrated media & content management SQL database that allows instant access to more than 20,000 records simultaneously. Multiple aspects of content such as type, category, genres, keywords, credits, media, etc.

PlayBox modules obtain metadata information about media content from DataBox. It allows for simplifying and entirely automating activities such as logo overlay, archiving / retrieving information, building / conforming on-air playlists, etc.

Content can be easily retrievable by specialized multi-profile search and intuitive multi-criteria filtering.
When organizing large amounts of programs and media files, dealing with DataBox saves time.

broadcast scheduler


Multi-user environment – Many users can access the dataset from different networked workstations concurrently.
Automated content import – DataBox transfers the media asset into the database with its relevant metadata from the CaptureBox capture list as soon as the content ingested by CaptureBox is completed. For easier sorting of databases content from different sources can be automatically added to specific metadata templates .
Network access SQL database – DataBox clients work with a shared database content across the network as a true SQL database. Any special overhead network traffic is generated even if multiple users work simultaneously.
Advanced content classification – Content can be categorized by three major classification levels cross-profiles including sequences groups keywords, etc. The primary levels are generated from prevalent systems of classification-type (i.e. Cinema, Music, News, etc.), category (Show, Movie, Mini-series, etc.), and genres (Action, Drama, Thriller, etc.).
Multiple parts, channels and media – Each program captured on different media may consist of many sections. Many audio / video / subtitle tracks can be used in each section.
Intuitive, easy to use interface – Every section of the graphical interface is a data manager for classification credits, positions, etc. The central grid area provides a clear outline of all the content whereas the classification tree is displayed next to it. The client does not need special training to work with DataBox.


General: Program Title, House ID / Program ID, Program Duration
Bindings; Sequence – series/mini-series/albums, Season Title, Episode Number
Classification: Type, Category, Genres
Indexing: Keywords , Thumbnails, Annotations, Bookmarks, Breakpoints/Skip Zones
Credits: Personnel (actors, directors, etc., Companies (distributors, producers, etc.), Countries (locations, post, etc.)
Origin: Production Date/Year, Reception Date, Country of Origin, Main Language, Master Format Channels Priority
Media; Multiple Instances & Quality, Media Type and Number (barcode), Archive / Media Pool, Parts and/or
Miscellaneous: Plot Outline, Taglines, Comments, Notes, Rating


Engine: Borland Interbase
Type: SQL
User count: unlimited