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About Educational Broadcasting

What is E-learning

Throughout the 1990s, distant and online learning first came to life as an alternative of the face-to-face education in schools, colleges, and universities or other education related entities. Throughout the years, online and distance learning (e-learning) has turned into a popular technique that outweighs the process it was originally meant to help. Numerous developments in technology, workforce, and the educational needs have forced dramatic changes, increasingly aggravating teacher or instructor-led training’s dwindling fortunes.

Without a doubt, eLearning’s advantages far exceeded those of teacher / instructor-led training. eLearning is, for example, versatile, cost-effective, easy, time-saving and perfect for tech-savvy millennials and Gen Zero. Nevertheless, even with the best LMS tools, it can be difficult to enjoy those advantages without sufficient awareness of the latest achievements in e-learning.

Video becomes an integral part of every digital and remote classroom. In this context, television can be used as a powerful learning tool to help develop literacy skills, counter current social challenges and improve the dynamics of classrooms. And, since most very young viewers have restricted access to other media sources, television is often the most convenient way for them to be introduced to such content.

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Educational and Learning Television

Educational television (also known as learning television) refers to the use of television programmes in the area of distance learning. It can be in the context of single television programming or designated specialised networks that are mostly affiliated with the cable operators or national or local public broadcasters in the field education or other governmental or local authorities associated content.

Education programmes are made available for both younger and older audiences. Many of them are educational television or “telecourse” services that can be used for college credit. Examples of these include open university programmes on BBC television in the United Kingdom. Many television programmes for younger audiences are informative, varying from specific learning programmes to those that implicitly educate the audience. Some series are created in way to relay a specific moral story as part of each episode, often communicated at the end by the character who learned the lesson.

Benefits of Educational Broadcasting

Contributes to building an inclusive environment in the educational institution.

Improving learning by presenting easy to understand visual materials.

Helping institutions to supplement learning and comply with the National Curriculum.

Empowering team effort – Planning and presenting programmes requires a great deal of teamwork.

How Can PlayBox Technology Help You?

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To keep up with the growing growth of online education, our system offers a one-stop shop that combines live broadcast, video on demand, content encryption, data analysis, and other functionalities.

Live Broadcast

Create a reliable virtual teaching environment by providing stable, smooth, low latency, and high concurrency real-time  video services.

Video On Demand

To maintain the security and efficacy of the learning materials, provide one-stop customised VOD services using Multi-DRM, CDN, and other related technology.

Content Management

Our robust content management system enables users to set up a well-organized course structure for their students.

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