Live Streaming for Government

Broadcasting and Streaming for Local Government

Many institutions, public bodies, governments and municipal administrations are looking to be more open with their communities. Making meeting or government/ parliamentary/local committee sessions easily accessible to communities over the Internet or via a broadcasting service is one of the approaches to achieve this.

The ability to watch these sessions live or on demand will make it easier for citizens to become more informed about recent issues and more active in the democratic process. Video streaming for local government and municipalities is a feasible solution to broadcast content on public access, local television and online streaming services for central and local governments.


City of Westland, Michigan

“It does all they need and more. It does it through simple operations and an intuitive user experience, and it does it at an excellent price point. I was able to load up the PlayBox software, give the operators a few tips on managing playout, and BOOM, we were on the air.”

Paul Tyson, Studio Tyson LLC

local authority streaming

Why public sector broadcasting? 

Video streaming platforms, web or cable televisions for live and on-demand coverage of public bodies, governments and local authority meetings and events are an important tool to stay connected with citizens and communities.

They provide the audience with an uninterrupted coverage of governance meetings or sessions, press briefings, media stakeouts, authorities conferences and special events directly from the source. In addition, they make available news and feature videos, official’s video messages as well as promotional and other videos produced by the public authorities.

Furthermore, viewers are able to watch live and on-demand streaming coverage from anywhere and at any time on multiple devices, including mobile phones. This way, the governmental streaming platforms or channels help to promote the core values of transparency and democracy.

Benefits of Government Streaming

Streaming with own resources

Access to open meetings and events

Multiple usage for various communication tools

Training and internal capacity building

How Can PlayBox Technology Help You?

PlayBox Technology offers secure solutions which provide high-quality streaming and playback engines with extremely high availability and reliability coupled with a simple and cost-effective recording and playout system at an affordable price point. 

PlayBox Technology’s flagship products are developed into a cutting-edge playout engine, capable of serving multiple platforms at resolutions up to 4k Ultra HD. They are  at the core of well developed system in an SDI, IP, or hybrid environment, on dedicated hardware or virtualized in a data centre or in a cloud.

The new line of streaming products provides the necessary tools to connect with the community through video content.

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