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About Worship & Religious Broadcasting

The Role of the Houses of Worship

Historically, religious organizations and houses of worship, like temples, churches, synagogues and mosques, have always bound people and helped build more inclusive communities.

Usually religious organizations aim at promoting worship, prayer, meditation, teaching, healing and spiritual well-being to the people and communities who need them.

Nowadays, digital technologies have provided new opportunities to offer worship services to those who need them and are unable to attend a service in person.

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Benefits of Setting up a Religious Channel

A religious television or streaming channel will enable you to share your faith and your message with your community. Via a television channel, your organization will be able to stream daily and weekly services online or broadcast previously recorded content such as sermons and lectures or documentary movies.

Your channel will help you grow your community with potential outreach of all the people who will have access to your television content. Through your religious channel, your organization will reach out to distant members of the community – those who due to long-term illness, disability, distant location or other form of social hinderance are unable to fully participate into the face-to-face interaction of your congregation.

A television channel can also facilitate your fundraising activities from your television audience to gain more financial support and continue your good work within the community.

Why Choose PlayBox Technology?

We’re proud to offer a complete solution. Whether it’s playout software or cloud playout, we’ll work with you to build your ideal workflow.

Set-up is quick and easy, allowing you to begin live or automated broadcasting activities in a matter of minutes. Our solutions represent a low cost of ownership – with low buy-in and running costs across the board. It’s powerful, flexible, simple broadcasting automation that simplifies your operations without sacrificing functionality.

You can book a free PlayBox demo for any of our solutions here. Book your preferred date and time, and a dedicated broadcast engineer will be in touch.

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