Scheduling and Playlists

Program Scheduling & Playlist Creation


ListBox is an offline schedule reader that offers advanced editing facilities such as searching in text, copying / pasting clips printing schedules, etc.

It is the program editors’ main tool which helps them to create and edit schedules days and weeks before the date.

There is no need for special servers or hardware Even on a smart device, ListBox works flawlessly with software-based trimming and preview.


Sophisticated editing facilities

ListBox offers the needed editing facilities for efficient playlist creation It includes all expected features from such an engine, including search, cut / copy / paste, multi-selection editing, ordering, playlist printing, and least-multi-level undo / redo.

Last-minute clip editing

The built-in clip trimmer offers basic clip editing tools. This allows in the same clip to delete redundant footage clip splitting and last-minute order reversal. return the clip to the editing suite! The playlist can be even modified on the air, and AirBox will replay the latest playlist instantly for the next event.

Traffic system integration

ListBox imports traffic logs from scheduling and traffic systems of third parties. This can be achieved through PlayBox’s standard tab-delimited and comma-separated values (CSV) and flat-wide text import engine.

Excellent price/performance ratio

With ListBox expensive hardware or high-speed workstations are not needed. This provides cost-effectiveness.
All contents are previewed and edited by the product itself.

Easy to use, user-friendly interface

It’s not needed to learn from scratch. As a standard Windows application, the ListBox user interface looks very familiar. Many users start operating with it immediately even without reading the user manual.

Playback Preview

Edited playlist for preview purposes can be played back on the PC monitor.

Media File Formats

MPEG2 – MPG or M2P -Program Streams; M2T or TS – Transport Stream; OpenDML AVI and WAV (mono and stereo); QuickTime, MXF, GXF;
DV – OpenDML Type 1 and Type 2 AVI, QuickTime, Raw DV, MXF, GXF
HDV – MPG or M2T / TS – Transport Stream, QuickTime, MXF, GXF
H.264 / AVC / MPEG4 part 10 TS – Transport Stream
WMV / VC1 – WMV Windows Media Video
MPEG1 – MPG – System Stream
HAVC/H.265 Transport Stream, QuickTime

Playlist Events

Fixed-time – Schedule timed events
Stop – Stops playback execution until manual resuming
Wait – Stops playback execution for a pre-defined period
Wait Until – Stops playback execution until a specified time
GPI – Sends GPI triggers to external devices
Matrix switcher- Sends commands to external switchers
VTR – Allows tape-based events in the playlist
TitleBox control- Sends titling commands to TitleBox modules
Logo on/off – Displays or hides the designated logo presets
Notes: Useful for playlist-related custom information
PlayBox Technology ListBox screenshot