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Anywhere, anytime

Remote Broadcasting fits the bill for a number of niche and large-scale broadcasters. With a low cost of ownership, unparalleled accessibility and easy set-up, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your broadcasting goals – no matter where you are. There’s no better time to start broadcasting!

When envisaging broadcasting operations, it’s easy to picture huge, equipment-heavy studios or master control rooms and clunky outside broadcasting vans. This was, and still is, the norm for a number of large broadcasting organisations. However, remote broadcasting can capably overcome these hurdles, coupled with unprecedented levels of reliability and quality. As time goes on, we witness remote playout becoming the first choice for more and more content creators worldwide.


Simple, yet extremely effective

Implementing remote broadcast solutions helps to significantly reduce costs associated with large logistics and technical deployments. Simplification is key – your broadcast operations can take place from wherever you choose. The possibilities that remote broadcasting offer are second to none in this respect, and it makes for a great fit with smaller broadcasters who are passionate about putting their content out there, as well as large-scale broadcasters. The benefits are not just economic – as video streaming over IP networks performs time and time again with lower latency and greater security (necessary in Streaming for Government) than traditional satellite workflows. Furthermore, scaling up your operations no longer requires huge infrastructural investment.

We can divide remote broadcasting into two subsections – remote production and remote playout. In recent times, more and more live content producers and broadcasters have opted for remote production processes to streamline their operations and boost efficiency when covering events. It’s especially useful for inexpensive live coverage of smaller, up and coming events like Esports Streaming. Producing your content remotely can reduce the number of operators on-site at an event and cut traditional set-up times in half! With recent technological and streaming advancements (including SRTP), common latency and communication issues of the past are smoothed out. All in all, streamlining your production workflows with remote production will benefit your crew and your bottom line.

With the production side covered, you’ll want to consider how you can future-proof your broadcasts with remote playout or streaming solutions. Both small and large broadcasters are embracing cloud-based playout solutions to minimise cost and improve off-site accessibility. Most cloud playout solutions will be accessible via a standard web browser, which removes the need for specialist hardware and broadcast equipment. Depending on the solution you choose, you should be able to handle playout, playlists, ingest and graphics for your streams entirely within the cloud.

Your options

When searching for a remote playout solution for your broadcasting operations, ensure you make the right choice. There’s a number of things to take into consideration: supported formats, user limits, reliability, scalability and many more. This is where AirBox comes in – our latest version, AirBox Mega, is our most innovative remote playout and streaming solution yet. Fully scalable and robust, AirBox is the go-to remote solution for thousands of broadcasters across the globe.

Considering cloud playout?

We recommend Cosmos. Cosmos represents a low cost of ownership with fast and trusted playout software, virtualizing the physical processes of channel management.

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