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PlayBox Technology UK Ltd is an international communication and information technology company serving the broadcast and corporate sectors. PlayBox Technology UK Ltd is dedicated to the development and provision of the best products, systems, solutions and services. Users include national and international broadcasters, start-up TV channels, webcasters, DVB/ATSC channels, interactive TV and music channels, film channels, remote TV channels, and disaster recovery channels. 


TV Automation


 PlayBox Technology broadcast automation systems support all existing I/O interfaces, all video and audio standards, graphics and compression formats. 

PlayBox Technology systems can be personalized to fulfill a wide range of extraordinary workflow requirements. 

Channel In a Box


Multi user, multi language and multi channel subtitle preparation and insertion of open subtitles, closed subtitles, closed captioning and streaming of DVB subtitles. 

Subtitles can be PlayBox subtitle files or EBU Subtitle Files or other formats can be supported using Subtitle conversion.

Cloud Solutions


Our cloud based solution model allows entirely new broadcast operations to be activated without the need to configure existing hardware, let alone order new equipment. 

Our solutions were designed to include ad hoc services that may only be needed for an hour or even less. New services or channels would therefore genuinely be up and running in little more time than it takes to boot up a hardware-based system.

IP Streamer


Automated content streaming via IP  for UHD/HD/SD mixed media files. 

Easy to use playlist that gives the customer the opportunity to schedule any time a number of weeks ahead for the playout to start. 

It will also identify missing files from your schedule.

Flexible Payment Options


Need to upgrade your playout system, but can't afford it. PlayBox can help you with its flexible interest free credit.

PlayBox SmartPay is a 0% interest month payment plan. 

Simply downpay 50% of the product price and spread the rest of the payment:

  • 7 +    systems over 24 months 
  • 3 - 5  systems over 12 months systems 
  • 1 - 3  systems over 6 months

The amount will be paid every 28 days.