PlayBox Technology makes the world’s leading “Channel in a Box” solution. Powerful, flexible and cost effective, PlayBox Technology has integrated solutions for playout, graphics, news, automation, traffic, asset management and disaster recovery.

Uplink Centres

PlayBox Technology systems are complete, reliable, and scalable to hundreds of channels, making it ideal for Uplink Centres. Available in SD, HD or ASI/DVB, PlayBox Technology provides everything you need to build or upgrade your uplink centre, or tie several centres together.

Cable TV

Scalable, complete and cost effective, PlayBox Technology allow cable and Telco broadcast centers to implement single channels or full broadcast centres quickly, cost effectively, and with the highest quality. Capable of broadband or IP output, PlayBox Technology is flexible and powerful.


PlayBox Technology is a favorite for many Government channels, PEG TV stations, Universities and corporate clients. Providing all the quality and functionality of a full broadcast station, PlayBox Technology is straightforward to impliment and use. And our unique “free service for life” philosophy makes our ROI outstanding.

Technology for Worship

PlayBox Technology allows religious broadcasters to build a compact, complete, cost efficient facility with a workflow that is simple to use and implement, all at the highest HD quality.

Production and Postproduction

PlayBox Technology offers a full featured Asset Management system, tying together  production and postproduction units to their related broadcast centres.

Content Providers

PlayBox Technology is a true IT based system, tying together every aspect of your facility – Playout, CG & Graphics, Traffic, MAM, News into a system that was designed to work together. Improve your workflow. All without any compromise in quality.