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Lifestyle television broadcasting encompasses a wide range of topics related to contemporary lifestyle choices. The programming explores a huge variety of themes like personal health and fitness, wellness and well-being, food and drink, home and gardening, hobby, travel and tourism, hotel IPTV, shopping, real estate, home repair and DIY, recreation and leisure, and real life events and activities.

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Benefits of Using PlayBox Technology’s Solution

PlayBox Technology develops and provides extremely reliable computer software solutions for mission-critical on-air broadcast applications, with its major strength within the space of playing channels to air and therefore the management of media assets.

Our product meets the needs of Multiple Channel Operators and broadcasters. Our automation platform provides broadcasters enterprise-level management of their channels, extending the scope of on air automation systems and sequence management, and delivering the tools to manage internal control, assets and archive management, trailer production, copy of content in several delivery formats, play to air of multiple channels, and multiplatform delivery.

Furthermore, PlayBox Technology has evolved its cloud playout software system, Cosmos, which provides a price effective, infinitely ascendable playout answer good for pop-up OTT and experimental channels, and disaster recovery. it’s a channel-in-a-box, while not in the box.

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