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Nowadays, content owners and content generating users, whether live or recorded,  have access to reliable technical infrastructure that allows them to distribute thousands of high-quality graphic content to billions of viewers around the globe via the power of the social media platforms.

In order to satisfy increasing market needs and ensure operating versatility, it is important to provide tailored content to optimise the rate of return. In the post COVID-19 era, every individual, enterprise, business or organisation with its own brand in every field have been forced to redefine their own positioning due to increased in online competition, with consumers globally spending more time in the internet and social media since the onset of the pandemic. Therefore, content owners have to rediscover new alternative ways to engage with audiences with quick turn around and in limited budgets.

At the same time, whether user (or professionally generated), the content must satisfy the increasing demand from viewers in the multi-screen age, and there is an immediate need for robust software applications that can be optimised to produce multiple different resolutions, both live and recorded. This is especially true in Corporate Live Streaming. This allows the safe and cost-effective delivery of live content to broadcasters and service providers through satellite and IP networks.

How can PlayBox help to stream or distribute
my content?

PlayBox Technology offers scalable, future-proof solutions for fast and low-cost integration for both satellite and IP systems.

PlayBox Technology permits regionalisation and local ad insertion either directly at the head end or at the edge of the network.

PlayBox Technology provides the most advanced technology and latest innovative solutions to bring the best value for your business.



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