PlayBox Research Finds Streaming Outstripping Broadcast

PlayBox Research Finds Streaming Outstripping Broadcast

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PlayBox Technology UK, the leading channel in a box provider for media companies worldwide, has published the results of its original research into viewing habits. It found that streaming platforms are now the preferred platform for entertainment content, and that viewers are as comfortable with viewing on a television, a computer or a smart device like a phone or games console.

Respondents to the survey were from North America and Europe. Two-thirds spent between one and three hours a day watching on-demand video from streaming services. Live content – typically sports and events, and news – exhibited two very different trends. Almost half the respondents said four hours or more; more than a third said an hour or less.

Virtually every household in the survey subscribes to at least one streaming service, with a third having two, and 15% paying for four or more. Unsurprisingly, Netflix is the overwhelming market leader, chosen by almost 75% of the respondents. When asked what they disliked about paid streaming platforms, 16% cited the cost and 20% talked about not enough choice.

“This is a representative study,” said Philip Neighbour, COO at PlayBox Technology UK. “What it shows is that the move towards streaming services is inexorable, but that consumers are very much in a position where they are comfortable with viewing on the most convenient device.

“When we asked how much time they typically spent watching on a television, on a computer and on a smart device, the breakdown was strikingly similar,” he added. “Smartphones, inevitably, are more popular for shortform content – 37% of respondents said they consumed less than an hour a day – but otherwise the breakdown is much the same.”

PlayBox Technology has more than 15 years’ experience in developing integrated playout solutions. Its Channel in a Box platform is a highly advanced playout and graphics engine, capable of serving multiple outputs and operating in an SDI, IP or hybrid environment. It supports 4k Ultra HD with full redundancy, and is capable of controlling third-party equipment such as routers and master control switchers.

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