Month: February 2021

PlayBox Technology Joins the GoDaddy Customer Council

PlayBox Technology UK, the #1 Channel in a Box manufacturer, has this week joined the GoDaddy Customer Council initiative as the company continues to build and reach new heights with its online presence. With more customers conducting research and shopping online than ever before, joining the initiative is the latest step in PlayBox Technology’s commitment to embracing…
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PlayBox Technology extends E-commerce: Amazon, Microsoft & More

LONDON, UK, 09/02/21 – PlayBox Technology UK, the leading Channel in a Box manufacturer, this week moved forwards with its International E-commerce transformation campaign by expanding its product offering across a range of online marketplaces and vendors. The campaign aims to increase both exposure and accessibility for turnkey and software only instances of PlayBox Technology’s industry leading broadcasting and…
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How is streaming changing the film industry?

Before the modern age of easy access online streaming, casual viewing and binging, the film industry saw threats only from VHS, TV, DVD and Blu-ray. And even then, the box office had some degree of control over how and when films premiered on the small screen. Nowadays, viewer habits have evolved far past the humble…
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