PlayBox Technology extends E-commerce: Amazon, Microsoft & More

PlayBox Technology extends E-commerce: Amazon, Microsoft & More

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LONDON, UK, 09/02/21 – PlayBox Technology UK, the leading Channel in a Box manufacturer, this week moved forwards with its International E-commerce transformation campaign by expanding its product offering across a range of online marketplaces and vendors. The campaign aims to increase both exposure and accessibility for turnkey and software only instances of PlayBox Technology’s industry leading broadcasting and playout solutions.

Central to the campaign includes close collaboration with well-established worldwide marketplaces such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AWS to ensure that PlayBox customers across the globe can access the latest range of the tried and tested ‘Channel in a Box’ product, as well as other supporting software modules.

A key focus will be ensuring that the ‘PlayBox experience’ can be provided seamlessly across all marketplaces and platforms. “Customer support and satisfaction has always been a top priority for PlayBox” said Phillip Neighbour, COO at PlayBox Technology UK. “It’s all about ensuring that the very same experience we have consistently delivered to our loyal base of customers for over 16 years can be achieved cross-platform when buying PlayBox products from any third-party marketplace”. 

It is the first time that PlayBox Technology has made its products so readily available at the click of a button – wherever a customer is located in the world. All products include a first year Annual Software Maintenance and Technical Support (ASM&TS) package which guarantees 24/7 worldwide support for the end user.

With an increasing number of start-up broadcasters, independent streamers and established media organisations using the internet to research, evaluate and purchase products and services, the campaign seeks to bring PlayBox Technology in line with current and future consumer demand.

It has also been made quicker and easier for customers to acquire the recommended hardware to power their new PlayBox solutions. Turnkey systems are configured based on the optimal specifications and requirements for robust and reliable use of PlayBox Technology software. All PlayBox Technology turnkey systems are manufactured and quality tested within the UK, ensuring they exceed expectations for the end users.

Alongside the community of approved PlayBox Technology dealers and their own ‘Marketplace’ online store, the E-commerce campaign will ensure that customers can easily access PlayBox Technology wherever they like to shop.