PlayBox Technology Joins the GoDaddy Customer Council

PlayBox Technology Joins the GoDaddy Customer Council

GoDaddy Customer Council

PlayBox Technology UK, the #1 Channel in a Box manufacturer, has this week joined the GoDaddy Customer Council initiative as the company continues to build and reach new heights with its online presence.

With more customers conducting research and shopping online than ever before, joining the initiative is the latest step in PlayBox Technology’s commitment to embracing E-commerce as a distribution channel for the playout and streaming solutions provider.

The GoDaddy Customer Council initiative seeks to gather feedback from loyal GoDaddy customers and supporters who want to influence change and impact the future of the GoDaddy platform. Communication will revolve around new features and updates, in which the Customer Council will have a vital say.

“We’re incredibly happy to have been approached to join the initiative, and we feel it’s an important step forwards for our future plans using the GoDaddy platform” said Phillip Neighbour, COO at PlayBox Technology UK. “We have a unique perspective and fresh ideas to boot. We’re excited to see where the Customer Council takes us!”.

Moving forward, PlayBox Technology UK will continue to collaborate closely with its technological partners and elevate its online presence to the next level.