Live Streaming For Religious Services

Live Streaming For Religious Services

Live Streaming For Religious Services

Traditionally, religious organisations and houses of worship have invariably brought people together, shaped inclusive communities and provided safe spaces for individuals to share and practice their beliefs.

As 2020 bought a wave of change for many communities, the landscape for houses of worship have had to adjust. Developments in technology have meant that religious organisations can continue to promote religion, faith, worship, prayer, salvation, meditation, teaching, healing and spiritual well-being to the people and communities who need them most, in a safe and accessible manner, with worship broadcasting solutions.

Through TV broadcasting and over the top (OTT) streaming a sense of community has been maintained and built upon – houses of worship have found innovative new ways to engage and safely interact with their communities in a digital world. Access to live streaming for Churches, Mosques, Temples, Synagogues and many more has allowed religious organisations to resiliently continue to spread their messages, to those who are unable to attend a service in person.

There’s a whole host of reasons why houses of worship might consider live streaming their services:

  • Increasing outreach
  • Building your online presence
  • The challenges that have arised from COVID-19 restrictions
  • Limiting the travel of members
  • Reach members who are away from home
  • Making services available on-demand later
  • Building a library of content
  • Facilitating donations and tithing online

Using a professional and reliable streaming solution is important when broadcasting your services and activities across the world. To find out more about how streaming or broadcasting your services can help benefit your community, get in touch with our experts.

The benefits of live streaming for houses of worship

Church live streaming, Mosque broadcasting, Temple broadcasting and Synagogue live streaming are just some examples of religious organisations expanding both their reach and accessibility to members of their communities and beyond.

In 2016, 2,778 houses of worship based across 59 countries used live streaming to broadcast 166,700 total services. 

It’s also no secret that live streams and the platforms that host them provide a secure gateway for donations, tithing and payments to be facilitated. Online giving for religious purposes forms a major part of the $2.2 billion globally that was donated via the internet in 2015. It is reported that houses of worship can increase their tithes by 32% simply through offering an online option to do so. As platforms become more secure, trust in the technology grows and society moves ever closer to being cashless, more and more money will continue to be gifted online.

Fundamentally, live streaming your services will increase awareness about your mission and pay dividends as your content library and audience grows. In 2015, 33% of Church parishioners first learned about their Church online. In the age of social media, it’s now easier than ever to get your sermons, services and messages seen and heard by new people – especially millennials and Generation Z.

We’re also talking about the mobile generation here – allowing your community to access your live streamed content via their mobile phone is incredibly valuable for the long-term. It gives your members the choice to attend a service wherever they may be in the world – helping to make your message more accessible on a global scale.


At PlayBox Technology, we’ve been helping religious organisations and houses of worship to broadcast their content since we formed in 2005. We’ve helped to develop and implement fully televised channels (Channel in a Box) from the ground up – with reliable 24/7 worldwide support and a comprehensive team of experts that understand the critical nature of your content. Alongside the bigger projects, we supply reliable and professional religious live streaming software solutions to Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples and many more. As of today, there are 20,000 channels and streams worldwide that rely on PlayBox Technology for their broadcasts.

Live streaming and playout automation is our bread and butter – it’s what we do. We would love nothing more than to guide you through our solutions and find the best fit for you. We’ll take the time to study your organisation and understand what you hope to achieve. Then, we’ll explain how PlayBox can help you. To book a demo, click this link.