The Revolutionary Power Of Software As A Service (SaaS)

The Revolutionary Power Of Software As A Service (SaaS)

Software As A Service (SaaS) livestreaming

Software as a Service is here to stay – It’s the sector that’s predicted to hit well over $600 billion in global value by 2023 (FinancesOnline). Let’s recap – SaaS is the prime method of software delivery, where software and applications are hosted remotely via a vendor. SaaS applications are made available to customers through a network, which often requires a regular subscription to access. Here at PlayBox we’ve championed the countless benefits of truly utilising the cloud with cloud-native SaaS – see Cosmos Technology – and we’re here to share some of those benefits with you.

Truly Worldwide

As a SaaS vendor, your solutions are available on an unprecedented geographic scale. As a recipient of SaaS, you can expect upgrades and maintenance to be implemented with minimal effort – no need to worry about huge infrastructural rehauls. This is especially helpful when you have a significant global presence, enabling each of your international locations to benefit with less of the headache. But global organisations aren’t the only ones to benefit – SaaS has gone a long way to remove conventional geographic barriers of access to traditional software for businesses big and small everywhere. It’s anywhere, anytime.


Variable workflows are a perfect match for SaaS. Scalability options are often available for solutions delivered via this medium, enabling you to cope with more intense demand during certain periods. Afterwards, you can always downgrade with no implications – your investments become so much more efficient when not being spent on infrastructure that doesn’t get used for long periods. Changing plans is often a painless process, giving you full control and flexibility over the scale of your output.

SaaS and Broadcasting

It makes sense that broadcasters have started to opt for streamlined SaaS as a move against traditional on-site, hardware-centric approaches. For new, smaller broadcasters and channels, SaaS represents a low expenditure option to ensuring you can get your content out there. It’s this low cost of ownership that makes the industry increasingly more accessible to organisations across the world. 

Playout forms just one pillar of the SaaS broadcasting ecosystem – ingest, graphics and encryption are tasks you’ll also see relocating to the cloud as trust in these type of solutions grows. Whether this be in multiple different licensed software modules, or in one box, there’s no boundaries as to what SaaS may eventually achieve for our industry. 

Cosmos Technology provides a tried and tested cloud-based playout solution enabling broadcasters and vendors across the globe to spin up OTT and traditional TV channels in a matter of minutes. Cosmos provides a SaaS platform that reduces dependence on capital infrastructure, lowering costs across the board. For more information, get in touch!