PlayBox Humanizes AI with the Next Generation of Lucy

PlayBox Humanizes AI with the Next Generation of Lucy

Artificial intelligence in broadcast | streaming

PlayBox Technology today announced Version 2.0 of its Cognitive Agent, Lucy, part of its artificial intelligence platform that automates knowledge work across a broad range of the technology functions of the PlayBox products. The new updates bring Lucy closer to achieving near human cognitive capabilities.

The growing maturity of Lucy’s core understanding capabilities will widen the range of roles she can execute and the breadth of knowledge she can absorb. In parallel, Lucy’s physical appearance and expressiveness have been transformed to create a more human like avatar capable of deepening customer engagement. Her new appearance form has been entirely remodeled on that of a real person.

As Lucy becomes more human in her interaction with customers, so the positive impact she has on business operations grows. Version 2.0 makes huge strides in terms of dialogue management comprehension and engagement. 

In addition to progress in humanizing Lucy, changes have been made to the software products in order to ensure that they are capable of supporting rapidly rising broadcast market demand. The entire backbone of the flagship software AirBox and TItleBox has been rewritten ensuring the new deployments can scale seamlessly and remain resilient throughout extreme loads in workflow.