Imagine Media Network delivers 4K with PlayBox Technology

Imagine Media Network delivers 4K with PlayBox Technology

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London, UK, 05/07/21 – PlayBox Technology UK, the leading channel in a box provider for media companies worldwide, has implemented a system for ingest and delivery at UK agency Imagine Media Network, based in Manchester. Among its broad range of services, Imagine Media Network includes a multi-camera, Ultra HD-ready studio for its in-house productions and for use by clients, including live broadcasts.

With significant activity in web design and video advertising, as well as the need to service its clients, Imagine Media Network needed to move to automated delivery. The broad experience of the Imagine team means that it can provide playout services into any television service around the globe, as well as offering expertise in studio, satellite and online channel setup operations. Clients include Eco Britain and Kanshi TV UK.

To meet these needs securely, reliably and cost-effectively, Imagine Media Network has now invested in a complete solution from PlayBox Technology, including the CaptureBox ingest system as well as the Channel in a Box. This allows control of every aspect of media management from its arrival at the agency to live, realtime delivery. Given the growing expectation of 4k production and delivery, the PlayBox system is fully Ultra HD capable.

“Our customers turn to us for a fully rounded service, from creative concepts to execution and delivery,” said Jay Ali, founder of Imagine Media Network. “Our clients play on the global stage, and we needed to be able to serve them all, with maximum benefit to them and minimal demands on our resources. PlayBox was able to demonstrate a completely integrated end-to-end solution at the right price, and our confidence in them has been borne out by painless implementation and reliable, powerful functionality.”

PlayBox is a leader in unified content delivery systems, with more than 15 years’ experience. Over that period it has constantly refreshed its technology in line with modern expectations, and now offers a highly advanced playout engine suitable for a wide range of media applications, from national broadcasters to specialist ad hoc users like Imagine Media Networks.

A modular software system running on standard IT hardware, PlayBox solutions can readily be configured to meet the needs of the user, including highly resilient, fully redundant operations for security, and the ability to mix freely between standard definition, HD and Ultra HD. In applications like Imagine Media Network where clients use a wide range of platforms, PlayBox natively supports ingest over SRT and FTP, and delivery as SDI or SMPTE ST 2110 IP streams. Broadcast graphics are included in the software, with user-friendly HTML5 design tools and automated population of templates.

“When you have been building software systems as long as we have, you can create the sort of flexibility that allows the same platform to support everyone from premium channels to agencies like Imagine Media Network,” said Philip Neighbour, COO at PlayBox Technology UK. “This installation is a great showcase for us, demonstrating that we can meet a whole range of requirements, and support the move towards 4k Ultra HD.”