Is Esports a Sport yet?

Is Esports a Sport yet?

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Throughout 2020, it has been clear to see that many aspects of our society have been substantially altered and put on hold. To tide us over, the need for fresh and innovative online entertainment perseveres. Over the past months, few industries have been as thrilling and fast-paced as the developing Esports industry. Guild Esports, an up-and-coming esports team backed by David Beckham, recently completed a funding round and floated on the stock market at an eye-watering £41.2m in the UK. It’s a huge step for mainstream Esports, and one that will ripple through the wider competitive gaming landscape for years to come.

What is Esports?

If you’re still not aware of Esports, now is the time to get ahead of the curve. Esports is competitive gaming, often encapsulated by teams of professional players battling it out in tournaments. Such tournaments are becoming no more different than a Champions League final – huge sponsorships, record-breaking audience figures and tension so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Any game with multiplayer functionality can become an Esport – but most popular events revolve around Fortnite, Dota and Call of Duty, to name a few.

Mainstream appeal

What you may have noticed in the news recently is just how many traditional sports athletes are setting their sights on esports. David Beckham, Sergio Aguero and many more are investing and founding their own esports teams, recognising the huge potential that the industry continues to hold. The convergence of traditional sports and esports has been a slow burner, with many believing that esports does not yet qualify as a ‘real sport’. Will we see esports at the Olympics anytime soon? Perhaps not. But you’ll be hard-pressed to avoid hearing about the huge monetary prize pools and recognition that these players receive. In fact, your favourite Premier League football team might already be planning their first move into esports.

Esports broadcasting

Esports itself can be traced back to 1972 – but during its initial rise in popularity over the last decade, platforms like Twitch have enabled teams and individual players to get their content seen quickly and inexpensively as they grow. As the esports industry expands at phenomenal proportions, many teams find that they simply outgrow the traditional Twitch format, and opt for bespoke esports streaming solutions. It’s a no-brainer for teams that make the step up to professional, next-level quality streaming and broadcasts of events, tournaments and training. Interested in how PlayBox Technology can elevate your team to the next level of esports streaming? Our legacy as the number one ‘Channel in a Box’ manufacturer has enabled us to deliver cost-effective and incredibly reliable broadcast solutions to some of the world’s most renowned TV and branding channels. Get in touch to find out more.