SDI or IP? Which is Right for You?

SDI or IP? Which is Right for You?

server room playout network

Broadcasting technology is on its way to completely transitioning to IP workflows, but is now the right time for your business to switch? Before you answer, consider the following: 


The type of media is an important factor in how you establish your workflow. Audio-only workflows have more flexibility and can adapt to IP quickly, but SDI is still the best means of handling uncompressed, high resolution video with a low chance of distortion or interference.


IP opens the door to smaller facilities that normally couldn’t house the amount of cabling SDI requires. Additionally, if you are moving materials within a single facility or working on a very small network, then SDI is overkill—IP can comfortably handle your needs at a fraction of the cost.


For businesses on a budget, IP workflows are a great way to cut costs. IP equipment is significantly cheaper than SDI equipment; CAT6 cables cost less than a sixth of what HD-SDI cables cost per meter, and you have the option to recycle some of your SDI cables. As SDI falls out of industry favor, future-proofing your facility may save you time and money later.

Luckily, the switch to IP doesn’t have to be immediate. A hybrid workflow has the best of both worlds and increased adaptability. If you’re still not sure whether transitioning to a hybrid or IP workflow is right for you, reach out to our experts at PlayBox Technology for a free, personalized consultation.