DM Digital Upgrades To PlayBox Technology Neo

DM Digital Upgrades To PlayBox Technology Neo

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DM Digital, a UK-based television channel with a popular following in Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania, is the latest in a long line of broadcasters upgrading their playout infrastructure to latest-generation Neo solutions from PlayBox Technology.

DM Digital’s founder Dr Liaqat Malik, said: “We chose PlayBox Technology AirBox as the core playout system at our Manchester studios right from the start of operations in 2005. It proved a good choice, delivering the reliability our technical staff naturally expect plus a very logical user interface which enables our production team to work creatively and efficiently.

“Achieving 12 years of operation from our initial investment was very encouraging and we are confident that the new system will perform well into the future. Upgrading to the Neo series gives us a lot more processing power which means faster throughput, more versatile channel branding and a lot more onboard transcoding capability.”

PlayBox Technology UK Chief Commercial Officer Ben Gunkel, added: “The upgrades ordered by DM Digital include two AirBox Neo and TitleBox Neo servers with multiple HD outputs and live video inputs plus two CaptureBox Neo ingest servers and ListBoxes. These include latest-generation hardware platforms to run the existing software licences. Neo’s ability to handle SD, HD and even UHD gives DM Digital a great deal of strategic flexibility.”

AirBox Neo is a server-based broadcast playout system allowing 24/7 unattended operation. It can also be operated manually, including the ability to handle live-to-air throughput. One of many optional modules for AirBox Neo, TitleBox Neo provides total control during on-air sessions, including text selection, running speed and transitions.

Among its additional creative facilities are pre-constructed graphic components, video resizing from live source or file, window-style display and website content ingest. Also designed as an AirBox Neo plug-in, ListBox Neo enables programme editors to create and edit schedules days or weeks in advance of transmission. No special server or hardware is required as ListBox Neo runs flawlessly even on a notebook, including software-based trimming and previewing.

CaptureBox Neo is an ingest server allowing HD or SD content to be captured from up to four video sources simultaneously. These can be monitored on a single screen and controlled via a streamlined user interface with enhanced multichannel control and operability. Audio levels can be monitored as loudness/true-peak displays and adjusted when required. Ingested content is available for playback within seconds of ingest commencing. Capture lists can be imported from third-party traffic systems.

DM Digital creates programmes in English, Hindi, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Sindhi and Urdu. Broadcasting via satellite, it is available to viewers as a free-to-air channel in over 180 countries including more than 30 million households in Asia, EMEA and the USA. Among the network’s features are phone-in discussion programmes, dramas, Lollywood and Bollywood films, news, music shows and other interactive educational programming. DM Dhoom TV on Asia Sat 7 is a music, films and lifestyle channel which has become highly popular in the Asia and the Middle East.