PBC Jamaica streamlines output with PlayBox Technology

PBC Jamaica streamlines output with PlayBox Technology

Public Broadcasting Corporation Of Jamaica IABM

London, UK, 24/06/21 – PlayBox Technology UK, the leading channel in a box provider for media companies worldwide, has updated the playout operations for the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (PBCJ). The new integrated playout installation delivers quantifiable operational and economic benefits for the broadcaster.

PBCJ, a government agency, was established in 1997 to closely reflect the values of Jamaican society. Today it broadcasts a broad mix of content, including news, sports and cultural and artistic programming from its production and transmission centre in Kingston. It is also responsible for coverage of debates in the Jamaican Parliament.

The station broadcasts 24 hours daily, and needed to upgrade its playout facilities to provide largely automated output which also allowed for live events. Having evaluated the systems on the market, PBCJ selected PlayBox and its software solution running on commodity hardware.

“PlayBox met all our technical requirements, interfacing into our studio complex without problems,” said Maurice Marshall, Technical Operations Manager for PBCJ. “Most importantly, it gave us an uncompromised high quality output and reliable unattended performance, allowing us to make the best use of our operators and engineers. It was simple to install, even in a pandemic when we had to rely on remote support.”

PlayBox Technology UK has built on its 15 years’ experience to develop a highly advanced playout engine suitable for a wide range of broadcast applications, including Government Live Streaming. Reflecting the need to slot into existing architectures, the PlayBox channel in a box system has both SDI and IP connectivity, and can deliver content at up to 4k Ultra HD resolution. Where necessary it interfaces to third-party equipment like routers and master control switchers, and SRT and FTP applications are included for automated ingest.

The PlayBox architecture of smart software running on COTS hardware means that highly resilient, fully redundant systems can be readily configured. Broadcast graphics are included in the integrated playout package, with rich designs for graphics and templates created in user-friendly HTML5 software.

“PBCJ is a widely valued broadcaster in Jamaica, aiming for the highest values of public service broadcasting,” said Philip Neighbour, COO at PlayBox Technology UK. “We are pleased to be able to play our part in it, through our channel in a box system. I am only disappointed that our very high reliability means we will not need regular service visits to Jamaica!”