Month: April 2021

Subscription TV – Advantages & Disadvantages of Premium TV

What is subscription TV? Subscription TV, or simply ‘pay television’, is the transmission of premium content via a subscription-based model. In essence, customers pay a recurring amount (often a monthly or annual rate) for the right to watch content that cannot be accessed free of charge. Subscription TV services are most commonly focused on sports,…
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Is Connected TV the Future of Advertising?

What is Connected TV? A Connected TV (CTV) refers to any TV screen that can stream digital video. Digital video is content that is transmitted over-the-top (OTT). Whether through built-in Smart TV capabilities, a dedicated external streaming device, or even a gaming console, Connected TVs are finding their way into more consumer’s homes than ever…
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Maldives Business Network Channel Powered by PlayBox Technology

LONDON, UK, 15/04/21: Maldives Business Network, a Business TV channel, has powered its presentation resources with the purchase of a multichannel PlayBox Technology Channel in a Box (CiaB) television playout system. The new installation was supplied and engineered by APAC Country Manager KC Lee. It is located at the channel’s headquarters in Male’ City, Republic of Maldives.…
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