TitleBox Chosen for Educational Project in Uzbekistan

TitleBox Chosen for Educational Project in Uzbekistan

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Hatfield, UK, 19/11/20 – With the world taking on a number of unprecedented challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, educational institutions have had to pivot incredibly quickly into creating robust remote learning and e-learning content for students. In Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Public Education has set up a number of initiatives using our TitleBox solution to create engaging new educational content for students who have been introduced to the fast-paced world of online and remote learning.

“We’re pleased to be seeing an increase in solution enquiries from educational sectors across the world” said Neil Thacker at PlayBox Technology UK. “E-Learning and remote learning has quickly become the norm for students on a worldwide scale, meaning that educational institutions have had to quickly implement innovative new solutions to ensure that vital learning still takes place during these times. An integral element of many PlayBox Technology systems, TitleBox allows the production and presentation of on-air graphics which can be controlled interactively”.

TitleBox is an interactive graphics manager that generates, displays and manages captivating multi-zone screens with rolls, crawls, animations clocks, station logos, 3D objects and more. TitleBox features an in-built scheduler that allows you to start items at different times from previously created tasks. Broadcasters benefit from unlimited layering, total on-air control and full interoperability within the Channel in a Box – our all-in-one playout solution. It is ideal for broadcasting in a range of public and private instances like schools, colleges, universities, businesses, corporations, retail environments, shopping malls, churches, airports, hotels, holiday resorts, theme parks and many more.

The project includes building of an automated television broadcasting station for a new children’s TV channel based on Integrated Playout hardware and software solutions, which combines modern global trends in broadcast automation, and work with channel branding and graphics. TitleBox solution provides operational efficiency and easy scalability, as well as managed integrations with third-party applications, aimed at streamlining workflows and transparent development in the future.