PlayBox Research & Development Leads The Way

PlayBox Research & Development Leads The Way

Media Server cloud playout

31/12/20, London UK – Developing and driving forward new technological breakthroughs is an activity that remains at the very core of the broadcasting and media industry. Research and development (R&D) becomes increasingly important to provide exceptional value for customers, strengthen competitive advantages and progress our industry for the better.

R&D is a duty that brands like PlayBox Technology take very seriously. It figures – the industry-defining ‘Channel in a Box’ integrated playout solution, along with countless other landmark innovations, are proudly attributed to PlayBox. Today, a constantly evolving broadcast landscape demands quicker channel start-up, more flexible content management and a low cost of ownership. PlayBox Technology’s latest product offering, Cosmos, sought out to satiate these needs and officially elevate PlayBox into the cloud.

PlayBox Technology is pleased to announce that their latest project, ‘Virtual Playout in the Cloud – Cosmos’, has received R&D funding from the UK Government. A customer-driven development approach and open innovation model ensured that Cosmos would pave the way for cloud-centric playout and meet the evolving demands of PlayBox Technology’s expanding user base in the UK and worldwide.

The Cosmos platform reduces the need for investing in expensive capital infrastructure and alleviates the burden of purchasing and maintaining broadcast playout hardware. TV Channel owners across the world can welcome the freedom to outsource practically all of the technical equipment traditionally required for broadcasting. Cosmos virtualises the process of channel management under control from a standard enterprise computer, via a firewall-protected secure internet connection. Programme playout can be automated to any required extent while always retaining the freedom to insert live content.

Cosmos enables independent content producers to establish television channels without the high start-up cost usually inherent in such ventures, whilst delivering unsurpassed flexibility in format handling and transcoding. For the established broadcasters, Cosmos presents the ability to introduce new programme channels at very short notice, whether as a permanent addition to an existing bouquet or a supplementary stream covering a temporary live event. Cosmos can be matched to a wide variety of deployment models, enabling consistent operation across baseband, hybrid IP and cloud-based networks.