Broadcasts We Love: BeatBox TV, a Free-Access R&B Channel

Broadcasts We Love: BeatBox TV, a Free-Access R&B Channel

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BeatBox TV is a monument to all that independent creators can achieve in modern broadcasting. Founded by award-winning composer and musician Rajan Kocchar, BeatBox TV is a free-access television channel dedicated to promoting Asian music and culture. 

Kocchar intends to fill a significant gap in the music industry by connecting up and coming musicians, as well as established musicians, to a global audience easily and virtually instantaneously. Typically many new musicians are prohibited by the industry’s cost of entry, as well as a limited network, but as a FTA (free-to-access) channel, BeatBox TV removes these barriers, allowing musicians and audiences to find one another and build a thriving community of music-minded creatives. 

Among its many offers are HD quality music videos, worldwide streaming, live coverage of festivals and events, and exclusive interviews with rising and established musicians. All of this content is optimized for viewing across computers, tablets, smart TVs, and mobile devices. Most importantly, BeatBox TV is, in its true essence, a cultural exchange. The channel provides a necessary and accessible bridge of communication between Asian creators and international fans, while encouraging those fans to find and express themselves through the language of music. Kocchar explains the channel’s main values are “to be inclusive, positive, encouraging and in every respect upbeat.” 

Dedicated and ambitious, BeatBox TV is always aiming to expand its music library and reach more artists and audiences worldwide. Anyone can watch the channel’s progress in real-time, as it streams high quality Punjabi and R&B music 24/7 on all available formats.