Broadcasting and Media Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019

Broadcasting and Media Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019

Broadcasting and Media Trends

In the age of digital transformation, broadcasting and media are always on the brink of change. To help you stay up-to-date on the newest consumer trends, we’ve compiled a list of the most important trends that will drive the industry this year:

1. TV advertising is still the most effective method

Despite reported drops in viewership, TV is still the most effect single avenue for advertising. Approximately 37% of people report discovering new brands through TV ads. Additionally, product placement in TV shows is also effective, with 27% of viewers saying they discover new brands that way.   

2. Social media will gain even more ground in entertainment

Social media is looking to become a one-stop place for entertainment. Social media sites have already incorporated short-form videos, live sports broadcasts and commentary, and music streaming. Now they are introducing long-form videos and in-house production of original content, making it all the more pressing for traditional broadcasters to expand their services into the online OTT, VoD space.

3. Music streaming is a big opportunity

Apple, Amazon, and Spotify dominate music streaming, but opportunities for niche and/or culturally relevant music services are popping up. Local stations and cultural exchange music services have seen recent success and only show more opportunity to grow.

4. Consumers prefer access over ownership

Access to content is now more important to consumers than owning content is. Downloading music, podcasts, shows, and movies is tapering off while streaming services are growing. This is also why it benefits broadcasters to have popular series available to stream online (on their own streaming site or not) after they air on TV. The sooner they can make TV broadcasts available online, the sooner they can attract new and loyal viewers.

5. TV on the go is essential

44% of internet users watch TV on a mobile device. Impressive screen resolutions and growing data plans make mobile viewing easier than ever, and it gives broadcasters and advertisers more opportunities to reach audiences throughout the day. If your broadcast isn’t available across all mobile devices already, there’s no more time to wait!