How PlayBox Technology Compares to the “Big Three” Cloud Provider

How PlayBox Technology Compares to the “Big Three” Cloud Provider

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The distinctions between cloud providers are subtle at first glance, so to help you decide which is right for your business, we’ve compared PlayBox Technology, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.


AWS: AWS has a three-tier pricing model based on storage needs. Unfortunately the price difference between their smallest and largest plan is negligible, making it a poor choice for small projects.

Azure: Microsoft is priced based on a pay-as-you-go model, which charges by the hour, making it more flexible than AWS.

Google Cloud: Google charges by the minute. This approach may make sense for your budget if you’re using a hybrid system but could otherwise prove pricier than other providers.

Cosmos: Cosmos has three packages: Energy, Lite, and Eclipse. As an open system, Cosmos can adjust your package on a service basis. 


The best cloud provider for one project may not be the best for your next project, so we recommend considering your current workload and the provider’s scalability of services.

AWS: AWS offers limited scalability, and a corporation as large as Amazon cannot tailor payment plans for individual users.

Azure: Azure offers more scalability than AWS, but it is designed to work almost exclusively with Microsoft software. This may not be a viable option for every client.

Google Cloud: Google Cloud offers far more scalability than the other “Big Three,” but clients with consistently large projects may find a more economical package elsewhere.

PlayBox Technology: PlayBox allows for quick implementations on an as-needed, service basis. Our free, personalized consultancy services ensure that you are always receiving the exact services your business needs.

Where the “Big Three” cloud providers struggle, PlayBox Technology shines: personalized, scalable services that meet your specific broadcasting needs.