How to Embrace the Ever-Changing Media Landscape

How to Embrace the Ever-Changing Media Landscape

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With each day, we are inching closer to a media landscape that would have been totally unrecognizable to us ten years ago. The rise of the internet has put traditional newspapers and magazines in decline for several years, and now other forms of traditional media are following suit: in 2017, 50% of adults aged 22 to 45 did not watch any broadcast or cable television (via Cisco), while over-the-top (OTT) media service subscriptions are expected to reach numbers as high as 650 million by 2021 (via IHS Markit). So should we be worried that broadcast will eventually slip out of public favor like print newspapers? Not exactly, but changes in technology and consumer preferences are forcing broadcasters to adapt quickly before they are left behind.


There’s no evidence that suggests audiences are less interested in traditional broadcast content; in fact, younger audiences want content that’s faster, available globally, and on more devices than ever before. The problem is not what content traditional broadcast offers, but how it offers that content. Connected audiences value speed and accessibility, and more companies in every sector of entertainment are making that possible by forging a more direct relationship with their audiences. Consequently, where one media service may fail to meet a consumer’s needs, another service will be ready to accommodate.


Implementing an IP workflow and outsourcing your playout engine is critical for broadcasters and content creators who want to adapt faster and more efficiently to audience needs. An IP-based workflow can enable broadcasters and content creators to produce more high quality videos that can be played and streamed across multiple platforms, while reducing physical storage and maintenance requirements through a cloud-based network. 

PlayBox Technology  can help you adapt your workflow to conquer the new media landscape. We provide a fast and trusted cloud-based playout solution that can revolutionize how you connect to your audience. Launch new programmes, live event streams, and establish television channels with a fraction of the time, effort, and money traditional broadcasting required. The rules are changing, and it’s up to you to evolve just as quickly.