‘No-Limits’ Compliance Recording

‘No-Limits’ Compliance Recording

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PlayBox’s CaptureBox Compliance Recorder expands with Version 2.0, new at NAB 2008. Now the limits are off; there are no practical restrictions of format or bit rate so any broadcast can be recorded, including those with AVC H.264 and WMV coding, complementing the established MPEG1 and MPEG2 capabilities. Also multi-channel broadcasters can benefit from the economy and convenience of recording many of their outputs into a single multi-channel capable compliance recorder box.

The choice of input types now extends beyond the original analogue and SDIto support for Firewire, ASI and IP sources. The inclusion of ASI/IP means that an ASI input can be transformed into a live IP stream – allowing remote compliance viewing.

A wide range of record bit rates now cover all broadcast requirements. ‘Half-D1’ (352 x 576 or 352 x 480) MPEG2 can be recorded at the reduced bit rate of 1 Mb/s and up to 50 Mb/s. Full-D1 (702 x 576 or 702 x 480) recordings can be recorded at 3-50 Mb/s. The maximum per-channel MPEG2 bit rate is lifted to 50 Mb/s from the original 3 Mb/s.

Further new features allow easier operation with more capabilities built into the recorder. These include burning time, date and channel ID information into the captured pictures, and scheduling regular capture events on a daily or weekly basis.

V2 adds to the established capabilities of the CaptureBox Compliance V1 disc-based recorder that provides reliable, cost-effective recording with completely unattended 24/7 operation for playout operations around the world. Among many features are date/time-based file and folder naming for the quick location of required material and automated file sorting in separate folders.