Titlebox Expands Dynamic Live Output

Titlebox Expands Dynamic Live Output

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 See PlayBox at NAB 2008, Las Vegas Convention Center, April 14-17 Stand SU11308

 PlayBox Technology is presenting the expanded capabilities of its TitleBox interactive graphics manager at NAB 2008. The added capabilities now available in latest version of this on-air graphics engine take it to a new level with live preparation and the automatic presentation of dynamic data live on-screen, making it, for some, a TV station in itself. 

These latest developments cover three areas:

Dynamic data on air

TitleBox servers are now able to directly extract data from dynamic data sources such as databases, through the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard, or RSS feeds. These can be used as a data source for any on-screen text objects, with new data immediately updating the graphics on air.

Off-air preparation

The new TitleBox Preparation allows convenient and cost-effective off-air titling template preparation. It is a full-featured sibling of the on-air TitleBox product targeted at broadcasters that require extensive graphics design and a WYSIWYG editing preview. It can either operate with a desktop preview only or with broadcast-quality video output.

TitleBox Plus

The new TitleBox “Plus” line of PlayBox on-air graphics servers can simultaneously support both graphics creation and replay on two separate video outputs. This is enabled by the addition of a WYSIWYG editing preview that can continue while the TitleBox’s playout is active. The result is a more efficient graphics workflow that allows last-minute graphics preparation.

TitleBox is already well known and is widely used as a part of PlayBox playout solutions. It creates, displays and controls multi-zone, multi-layer screens with rolls, crawls, animations, clocks, station logos, text templates and more. The broad range of users includes broadcast TV, cable channels and digital signage applications as well as internal info-channels in hotels, schools, corporations, retail businesses, shopping malls, churches, airports, holiday resorts and theme parks. The high level of interactive control of on-air CG objects turns TitleBox into a powerful tool that is well suited for music and games shows, live entertainment programmes and sports events scores and titling and well as SMS2TV. Now new features offer more for live graphics preparation, including the presentation of dynamic data.