On a Roll at NAB 2008

On a Roll at NAB 2008

Digital signage NAB Show

See PlayBox Technology at NAB 2008, LV Convention Center, April 14-17 Stand SU11308

PlayBox Technology Digital Signage is growing with new products and features to be launched at NAB 2008. PlayBox DS is well known for its flexibility and with the launch of DS Designer, PlayBox DS now offers even more. Getting started is now easier than ever with the introduction of DS Whole Workflow giving more potential to allow PlayBox DS to scale incrementally from one to any number of players with very cost-effective solutions.

DS Designer enables the creation of eye-catching presentations directly within the PlayBox DS environment. Now all types of media including slides, SD video, HD video, logos clocks, etc. can be composed to make the finished show. The built-in character generator adds text with rolls, crawls etc. as required and transitions and picture-in-picture are among the many presentation styles available. Completed projects are sent to the DS Player for delivery to the screens.

DS Whole Workflow is available off-the-shelf in three editions, Stand Alone, Lite and Multichannel with the ability to upgrade as required. The DS Whole Workflow Stand Alone Edition has two modules, DS Designer to create the projects and a DS Player to run the projects, and is ideal for a single output system. The DS Whole Workflow Lite Edition adds DS Player Manager that can extend control over multiple players and to monitor and provide playlists to remote DS players running many different simultaneous presentations for days, weeks or months ahead.

Top of the range DS Whole Workflow Multichannel Edition is for serving hundreds or thousands screens. The three DS Whole Workflow editions can just be a starting point as all can be scaled to work with all the other PlayBox DS modules such as the Librarian that manages the content and allows users to access content that is not on the local drives but somewhere on the local network.

These modular PlayBox DS editions allow users complete control over the presentation of media. As a consumer marketing tool this can deliver targeted messages to one or thousands of screens when and where required with content and information.