"We chose PlayBox Technology AirBox as the core playout system at our Manchester studios right from the start of operations in 2005. It proved a good choice, delivering the reliability our technical staff naturally expect plus a very logical user interface which enables our production team to work creatively and efficiently.

Dr Liaqat Malik -  DM Digital's Founder 

STG Mediaplex

 "AirBox Neo is easy to operate, versatile and backed by very good technical support from PlayBox Technology Thailand (...) The new system is performing excellently and proving very helpful to our business. We already operate three satellite television channels. This new addition offers a variety of Hollywood content on multi-platform devices via broadband mobile networks. It is our first OTT channel and I am confident we will be introducing more."

Jatuphol Suteesathaporn- STG Mediaplex CEO 


BHS Telecom

"The reliability and structural compactness of AirBox Neo are greatly appreciated by our playout centre staff. One of the great strengths of PlayBox Technology is that it provides efficient round-the-clock technical support. This is very rarely needed but adds greatly to our operational confidence and the level of service we are able to give our customers."

Ghorban Shirzad BHS Telecom' CTO

Tring TV, Albania

"CloudAir integrates very easily and effectively with the AirBox Neo product family (…) The benefits of that integration include advanced quality control and greater accessibility for content management and playlist preparation. The system is highly secure and gives Tring TV one of the world's most modern playout environments."

Armand Selimaj, Tring TV Technical manager 


Olympusat now uses PlayBox Technology to put our original programming channels on the air via direct broadcast, satellite or fibre networks, internationally and domestically. We have used PlayBox to successfully launch our suite of 10 Ultra HD Plex Spanish-language channels in March on Verizon FiOS. Olympusat also originates five SD Channels via PlayBox Technology gear and uses the company's automation to switch a number of our part-time clients in and out of the Verizon FiOS and Time Warner feeds.

Tom Mohler, Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Holdings



VIsjon Norge, Sweden

"We have been using PlayBox Technology equipment for many years (…) Title graphics and scheduling are all performed within the PlayBox Technology system and then transmitted directly from one of our four AirBox playout servers. Our technical staff appreciate the inherent reliability of PlayBox Technology products and the fast support available if needed.”

John Sanjee, Operations Manager, TV Visjon Norge 


RRSat, Tel Aviv, Israel

“Excellent products, does exactly what you d it need to. As a Satellite Operator I had numerous initial questions about PlayBox Technology, and required some guidance in tailoring the solutions to my exact needs. I received outstanding customer service within hours (if not minutes) of requesting support. I highly recommend PlayBox Technology to any individual or business entities”.

Shlomi Izkovitz, Sales Director, Europe, RRSat – Global Communications


Kino Polska, Poland

PlayBox Technology offers a unique and reliable DVB Streaming platform including an excellent multi-language DVB subtitling solution, quick and reliable support and, last but not least, all at a very reasonable price.”

Marcin Kowalski, Managing Director, FilmBox and Kino Polska channels


Profen, Turkey

I find PlayBox Technology very valuable and a very reliable system. We started with 2 TV channels and now have 20 TV Channels playing from 20 AirBox servers. Other systems are available, but they do not specifically meet my requirements to the level of PlayBox. I now play all my channels for the fraction of the usual price in the market and have peace of mind dealing with a well-established organization with an always available customer support”.

Onder Havuzlu, Managing Director, Profen, Turkey



We have been relying on PlayBox Technology for the three years since we started hosting our own broadcast operations. Our first servers were the 3RU type but now we are tight on rack space and the 1RU versions are now perfect for us. These have a bit less storage capacity but our existing shared NAS more than makes up the difference. Now we can expand... You can build all sorts of configurations around the PlayBox Technology solution. We run one AirBox as a shadow/backup player so, if a main channel fails, it can kick in and be switched to air via the router. But so far nothing has failed! Today its main use is to take over playout while we are updating the main equipment.”

Akin Salami, CEO


ViewSat, UK

"We have been using PlayBox because of its reasonable price and the good delivery times. The channel-in-a-box facility is important as it wraps everything we need, automated playout with interactive CG and graphics, into one."

The user interface is important. It is straightforward and a lot of our customers are used to it, especially those in the Middle East, which makes training much easier. In addition, the delivery is very good. We can get another server from PlayBox in two weeks, or even one sometimes.

Awaes Jaswal, CEO


The Paley Center for Media, New York

Doug Warner, Director of Engineering, answering the question "Why PlayBox Technology?"

It was a combination of cost, the ability to use existing content and the integrated automation. PlayBox was one of the few systems that could do all of these.

Doug Warner, Director of Engineering


Mongolian News Channel

We chose PlayBox Technology for its robust, cost-effective and reliable HD playout. The servers came with TitleBox CG and Graphics and CaptureBox ingest solutions installed for full Channel-in-a-Box experience. The system is fully redundant and meets all our requirements.

Mr. Tsedevsuren, Technical Director


Iko Media, Serbia

SBB first started using PlayBox Technology solutions back in 2006, and for all the time since then we have always been happy with the quality of the products and the prompt support. In order to meet our customers’ expectations we had to go HD and PlayBox was the natural choice for us. With its easy-to-use and easy-to-learn solutions, and the great quality of picture delivered by the servers, we are able to deliver a top-notch TV experience in seven countries in the region.”

Igor Jovic, Technical Director


Kujtesa, Kosovo

PlayBox Technology offers a range of very suitable products at a price that suits our needs. It allows a simple start-up system, but also expansion when the demands and requirements increase. We like the flexibility and ease of use of the entire system. Also we value the fact that the system is software-centric, thus enabling great flexibility of deployment in generic hardware and easy updating and upgrading.”

Shpend Bakali, Managing Engineer


Travel Channel International

Richard Wolfe, TCI’s CEO describes the company’s position. “The Channel’s appeal is universal and its customers are global. This leads to complex playout needs that have to be dynamic, flexible and economic, and yet deliver a high quality reliable feed. EdgeBox was a remote playout solution that could fit into our operation and was robust and reliable enough to handle our channel."

Richard Wolfe, TCI, CEO

"Our main motive for using EdgeBox was to provide customisation of our channel content to deliver augmented feeds for specific territories. We needed something that could slot into our current set-up and could easily be hosted at NOCs around the world.

Steve Fright, TCI Director of Broadcasting


Nautical Channel

We were looking for the most cost-effective solution to meet the highest video standards and ensure that our U.S. viewers are delighted with the Nautical Channel. I’d read a lot about the success of PlayBox Technology and so I talked to them. They have a very flexible approach and were able to alter the system design to fit our needs and provide solutions for what we wanted to do.” Hopper adds, “I also liked the way the information was presented – in a clear up-front way. Other vendors started at a low price but they just got more and more expensive as we started to include all the bits and pieces that were needed to make the system work.”

Laurence Hopper, Nautical Channel CEO


Una Vez Mas, USA

After a year of careful research and tests, we chose the PlayBox Technology Channel-in-a-Box solution because it integrates and customizes easily with our diverse station environments: manned, unmanned, at the studio or next to the transmitter with limited space situations. Commercial spots, long forms, live and recorded programmes are triggered by Network’s cue tones, by time or by events... The same servers can be moved from a decentralized, which is our existing model, to a centralized, central-casting, Master Control operation. The conversion of logs from our OSi traffic system was easy and reliable. MCR operators can feel they are operating a full automation system. PlayBox Technology satisfies our highly demanding advertisers that require a quick turnaround as well as changes on the fly. Servers can be accessed remotely from anywhere with internet access – even from smartphones; we’ve been able to resolve conflicts and recover missed spots immediately, avoiding revenue loss.

Jorge L Arredondo, VP of Operations