3K-TV leads new era in Zimbabwean commercial television rollout with PlayBox Technology

3K-TV leads new era in Zimbabwean commercial television rollout with PlayBox Technology

London, UK, 10/01/22PlayBox Technology, the leading channel in a box provider for media companies worldwide, is providing a comprehensive broadcast playout platform to 3K-TV, one of six newly licensed commercial television operators in Zimbabwe. 3K-TV turned to PlayBox to get the station on-air as quickly as possible.

The Zimbabwe government moved to add new television services in competition with state broadcaster ZBC in November 2020. The successful applicants have just 18 months from award of contract to get the new channel on air. 3K-TV will be news-led, but will offer a broad range of other content.

By choosing an integrated playout software platform from PlayBox, 3K-TV ensured there were no technical constraints to getting its service on air. The new broadcaster, supported by Harare-based system integrator Solution Centre, selected a Channel in a Box Neo server, a CaptureBox Neo ingest server, and playlist and graphics preparation workstations. The contract also included a comprehensive training module.

“The Zimbabwean people have long sought a broader choice of free-to-air broadcasters,” said Daniel de Beer, technical manager at Solution Centre. “As a new broadcaster, 3K-TV was free to choose the most appropriate technology, and we see PlayBox as delivering high reliability and simplicity in operation, at a cost-effective price.”

PlayBox Technology is a media and entertainment technology company delivering over 20,000 master entertainment streams every day. Drawing on its 15 years’ experience of innovation in channel in a box technology, it has developed a highly sophisticated playout engine, capable of serving multiple channels and platforms at resolutions up to 4k Ultra HD.

PlayBox software, running on standard computer hardware, includes content servers, scheduling and graphics tools as well as mission-critical playout automation. The system is designed to support all users through intuitive and tailored user interfaces, with the ability to make simple modifications to suit each installation.

“It is always exciting to see new channels take to the air,” said Philip Neighbour, COO at PlayBox Technology. “Because our solution is designed to be logical and intuitive, we can help entrants to the market to realise their goals without getting bogged down in complex engineering.

“The opening up of the market in Zimbabwe is an exciting opportunity for everyone,” Neighbour added. “3K-TV is the first to set out its technical plans, and we look forward to continuing discussions with other license-holders.”