PlayBox Technology CloudAir Takes IBC2015 By Storm

PlayBox Technology CloudAir Takes IBC2015 By Storm

Multimedia cloud playout platform

PlayBox Technology, a world leader in cost-effective television playout solutions, reports very strong interest in its new CloudAir platform, introduced mid-September at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam.

“The IBC organisers claimed a record level of attendance this year which was reflected on our stand throughout all five days of the exhibition,” says Don Ash, Managing Director of PlayBox Technology (UK). “We ran continuous demonstrations of our entire product range, based on the established and proven AirBox which forms the core of the entire PlayBox Technology system.

“Introduced at the show, CloudAir offers a gateway through which new television channels can be established without the usual preliminary investment in playout infrastructure. Channel proprietors are then free to invest their startup capital in creating or acquiring content from which in turn they can build up a healthy revenue stream.”

“CloudAir can be purchased from PlayBox Technology on a standard software licensing model or via partner companies offering software-as-a-service. Content owners stand to gain unsurpassed flexibility in the way they manage their business model, whether starting a new channel, extending their transmission hours, adding new programme streams, or planning ahead for advanced transmission standards such as 4K ultra-high-definition.

“Like the AirBox product range itself, CloudAir is in constant development as we add new refinements and features to match the needs of the advancing broadcast world. PlayBox Technology understands the needs of broadcasters to an extent which transcends the skills of our competitors. We know the importance of pixel-precise timing. AirBox and CloudAir give operators the freedom to insert live content between prescheduled programmes whenever a late-breaking story makes this desirable or imperative.”

PlayBox Technology’s new CloudAir virtual application has already been selected by a leading provider of telecommunications facilities to support its new cloud broadcast playout service. This service will be accessible under full IP-based connectivity control to customers globally.

Ortana Media Group announced during IBC that combining its Cubix Integration, Automation and Orchestration system with PlayBox Technology AirBox and CloudAir creates a solution that natively supports highly scalable cloud playout and cloud-enabled edge playout platforms. With the ability to configure agile workflows that support every element of the transmission process, the solution allows completely new approaches to providing efficient and scalable models for linear playout, OTT services and OVP distribution.