OMG’s Cubix Powers Edge Playout with PlayBox

OMG’s Cubix Powers Edge Playout with PlayBox

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Ortana Media Group is pleased to be exhibiting for the first time as OMG at IBC with the latest version of its CUBIX Integration, Automation and Orchestration system. Integrated with many of the best of breed devices found both in the facility and the cloud, it is able to seamlessly drive devices for a wide range of uses from bulk ingest and transcoding to OTT fulfilment and playout.

One of these key new integrations launched at this show is with PlayBox Technology, a world leader in cost effective playout solutions. Deploying Cubix with the AirBox and CloudAir products creates a solution that natively supports highly scalable cloud playout and cloud-enabled edge playout platforms. With the ability to configure agile workflows that support every element of the transmission process, the solution allows for completely new approaches to providing efficient and scalable models for linear playout, OTT services and OVP distribution.

With native support for private, hybrid and public clouds, the Cubix platform enables the ingest, QC, storage and transmission elements to occur at disparate geographical locations, leveraging cloud resources for storage, transcoding and distribution. The platform offers a number of different portals for a variety of use cases whilst providing live seamless monitoring of the workflows and media therein.

Clients can also directly monitor, interact and control Playbox Technology AirBox devices on the edge via the secure web portal, with live control of the schedule and status of the channels. These are all fully integrated with the rest of the Cubix platform including our orchestration engines. Cubix also natively supports the new CloudAir solution from PlayBox Technology, providing true cloud playout from a fully virtualized environment.

“Cubix has always been a scalable agile product for clients within all sectors of the Media and Entertainment space,” says James Gibson, CEO of Ortana. “This new integration allows playout providers to offer a true seamless Cloud Playout solution to their clients. When you combine the native support offered by the platform for entire workflow – including ingest, quality control, transcoding, playout and OVP / OTT fulfilment – combined with the flexible capex and SaaS based licensing modules – it truly becomes a disruptive offering to this space”.

“Ortana’s choice of AirBox and CloudBox as integral elements of their cloud playout and cloud-enabled edge platforms demonstrates the power and versatility of our modular solutions,” comments PlayBox Technology (UK) Managing Director Don Ash. “We are seeing a very high level of interest in cloud-based services both from established broadcasters and potential new players. Operators of new channels in particular will appreciate the freedom they now have to focus their capital investment on the creation of good content rather than on technical infrastructure.”