TrafficBox to Star in PlayBox BVE 2011 Lineup

TrafficBox to Star in PlayBox BVE 2011 Lineup

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Earls Court 2, London 15-17 February 2011, Stand B14

PlayBox Technology is the #1 international ‘TV channel in a box’ manufacturer that now powers over 9,500 playout and branding channels worldwide. Developing and refining its core playout technology for over 11 years, it offers the best of both worlds – broadcast performance and IT prices. At BVE 2011 PlayBox Technology is providing one-to-one demonstrations of the latest products including the popular award-winning TrafficBox traffic management system.


Targeted at broadcasters needing TV business management solutions, TrafficBox includes all the features for programme planning, advertising sales and long-term playlists scheduling. It also enables the preparation of the physical material that is presented on-air: the video, audio, text, graphics and subtitles.

The traffic management system within TrafficBox is a client / server database application that allows a virtually unlimited number of users to access the server where all relevant data can be entered, saved and modified. A high level of integration with PlayBox Technology automation systems allows both new and existing broadcasters to achieve more efficient workflows. It offers advantages in the overall management of both single and multi-channel TV operations, such as allowing programme planning to modify active rundowns without the involvement of the MCR personnel; or reducing the operator time required for everyday tasks.

EdgeBox – Fully Automatic Remote Redundant Playout Server

PlayBox Technology EdgeBox forms the centrepiece of the company’s unattended automated remote playout solutions. EdgeBox enables the full operation and monitoring of distant broadcast playout using public internet as the link for all content delivery, control and monitoring. Customisable to fit user requirements, single and multi-channel operation, as well as full equipment redundancy, are available. Rather than offering only unbranded generic feeds, EdgeBox can enable the complete localisation of content branding, including commercials, station IDs, multilingual audio, subtitles, graphics and even programme content. This makes possible low-cost worldwide ‘local’ playout from any network operations location.


The PlayBox MAM media asset management system can be the heart of a small TV station or of a large broadcast centre. It can organise and manage the assets of single or multi-channel operations, as well as the other content of diverse business operations. PlayBox MAM is available as a stand-alone solution or working with PlayBox Technology ingest, playout and branding systems for all areas from production and post through to TV broadcasters and multi-channel playout centres.


The new NewsAir newsroom computer system integrates with PlayBox Technology CG, graphics and playout capabilities to offer performance and a new level of cost-effectiveness for newsroom operations. The NewsAir NRCS provides journalists with a networked collaborative environment that can include news archive, chat, a phonebook and agency news aggregation, as well as operation over the internet that can work either separately or integrated with video facilities. The combination of PlayBox Technology and NewsAir provides live news production and on-air performance at a fraction of the cost of established market suppliers, but not at the cost of performance and capabilities.