PlayBox Completes 2 Channel Playout System for MTA Television

PlayBox Completes 2 Channel Playout System for MTA Television

Channel Playout System

PlayBox Technology has completed the installation of a 2 Channel Playout System for Global Broadcaster MTA Television. Each Channel is able to handle 8 Audio Channels to allow for the Main Audio Channel and 7 Simultaneous Translations during the Live Transmission and during the Replay of these Live events

The System comprises Two Main AirBox Playout Systems with TitleBox and One Back-Up AirBox Playout System for the First and Second Channel. Ingest is with CaptureBox that can Capture from Tape, Satellite, Studio and Facility Lines the Main Audio with up to Seven Simultaneous Translations from the Translation Boots, Telephone Lines or other Audios that are sent on the Incoming Feed

During the Live feed if one or more Translations are not available then these can be added in post production or during any subsequent re-broadcast and the new Audio feed can be recoded and used for further broadcasts. All Audio is handled as embedded and can be upgraded to 16 channels

The System design is to enable operation by the playout operators rather than engineers as the processes are simple to setup and operate and give the playout operators full monitoring and control and over every stage of the Live and Recorded Playout