Company Profile

PlayBox Technology is the #1 International 'TV Channel in a Box' manufacturer with Interactive CG & Graphics and MAM available in SD, HD and DVB (ASI/IP). PlayBox Technology has innovative and scalable  solutions to fit your workflow and offer you the solution you want at your price. From a Single Channel Play out Server to a Multi-Channel Turn-Key Broadcast Centre, please contact PlayBox Technology.

With 18,000+ Playout and Branding Channels in over 120 Countries Powered by PlayBox Technology the chances are you will have experienced our solutions for yourself. PlayBox Technology offer solutions at breakthrough pricing levels while maintaining the highest levels of Reliability, Flexibility and Support.

PlayBox Technology is an international Communications and Information Technology Company Serving the Broadcast and Corporate Markets Worldwide. PlayBox Technology is dedicated to the Research, Design, Development and Provision of Broadcasting Products, Systems, Solutions and Services.

PlayBox Technology has Solutions for Start-Up TV Channels, Remote Playout TV Channels, DVB (ASI/IP) TV Channels, Ad Insertion, Interactive TV, Music Channels, Film Channels, Disaster Recovery, Satellite Broadcasters, IPTV, SMS2TV, Internet TV, Webcasters as well as Local, Regional, National and International Broadcasters.


What We Do

PlayBox Technology develops and provides extremely reliable computer software solutions for mission-critical on-air broadcast applications, with its major strength within the space of playing channels to air and therefore the management of media assets.

Our product meets the needs of Multiple Channel Operators and broadcasters. Our automation platform provides broadcasters enterprise-level management of their channels, extending the scope of on air automation systems and sequence management, and delivering the tools to manage internal control, assets and archive management, trailer production, copy of content in several delivery formats, play to air of multiple channels, and multiplatform delivery.  

PlayBox Technology has evolved its Cloud IP-enabled software system Cosmos which provides a price effective, however infinitely ascendable playout answer good for pop-up and experimental channels, and disaster recovery. it's a channel-in-a-box, while not in the box.