Company Profile

PlayBox Software is an international software company servicing the broadcast and corporate sectors worldwide. 

PlayBox Technology is the Number 1 Global 'TV Channel in a Box' provider offering Playout Automation, Interactive CG & Graphics and Mutli Asset Management solutions in SD, HD and DVB (ASI/IP).   

PlayBox Technology is committed to researching designing, developing and selling broadcast products, systems software and services.  

PlayBox Platform offers innovative and flexible solutions to meet your workflow and provides you with the product you want at the price you want.   

PlayBox Technology is there to meet your needs for any type of solution – from a Single Channel Playout Server to a Multi-Channel Turn-Key system.  

PlayBox Technology offers solutions that achieve the highest standards of performance, versatility and service at affordable price points.

PlayBox Software solutions are made for everyone -Start-Up TV Channels, Remote Playout TV Channels, DVB (ASI / IP) TV Channels, Ad Insertion, Interactive Television, Music Channels, Film Channels, Disaster Recovery, Satellite Broadcasters, IPTV, SMS2TV, Web TV, Local, Regional National and International Broadcasters.

By choosing our products, you will have the chance to join the family of  over 18,000 users of Playout and Branding Channels powered by PlayBox Technology in more than 120 counties.

PlayBox Technology
PlayBox Technology

What We Do in Playbox Technology?

PlayBox Technology designs and offers highly efficient computer software solutions for mission-critical on-air broadcasting applications, with its main advantage in air channel play area and therefore content asset management.

The company meets the requirements of numerous channel providers and broadcasters. Our automation software provides broadcasters with enterprise-level management of their channels, thus expanding their spectrum of air automation systems and sequence management, and providing resources for internal control, assets and archive management, trailer creation, copying content in various delivery formats, multi-channel play-to-air and multi-platform delivery.

PlayBox Technology
PlayBox Technology