IP and File Based Technology

The media and broadcasting industry has been looking at file-based workflows for over 10 years. It is an end-to-end workflow, in which digital media is stored in files, from ingest to playout.

Broadcasting systems are now undergoing a huge transition from existing digital (SDI) infrastructure to an all-IP-based / MPEG-compliant transport streams & file-based (network) operation. 

Understanding IP and File Based Technology

Traditional media platforms provide multiple means multiple means to transfer content across the campus, across cities, etc. (compressed-files or streaming media).

Understanding IP networks

The ability to handle any video and audio technology is one of the main attractions of IP technology. 

IP adds the so-called “IP LAN/WAN convergence,” making it easier to achieve savings and greater flexibility by sharing equipment, studios, control rooms and manufacturing personnel across sites. 

Understanding Formats: Codecs, Bitrates, Files and Streams

Satellite television  systems are encoding or formatting standards for transmitting and receiving satellite television signals. 

Command and Control, Automation & Orchestration

Command and control is a comprehensive automated set of processes that control media acquisition, file movement, handling and delivery.

Over the Top Business Services

Over the top (OTT) is a term used to describe to content providers that distribute streaming media directly to consumers via the Internet as a stand-alone product, bypassing telecommunications, multi-channel television and broadcasting platforms that traditionally act as controllers or distributors of such content.   

OTT Terminology – understand & communicate with others about

OTT means “over-the-top,” a term used to deliver film and television content over the Internet, without requiring users to subscribe to traditional media: a traditional pay-TV cable or satellite. 

OTT Marketplace & Trends

Advances in the video encoding, encryption and delivery methods of the technical OTT industry focus on convergence, globalisation, new technologies and business development. 

OTT Key Services

Over-the-top apps (OTT) create a "new age" of video because they eliminate the need for a cable subscription or expensive satellite package. 

New OTT Revenue Sources – On Screen and Off creen

After Netflix's success, each media company, content creator and distributor fights for viewers.

However, despite the prevalence of Pay-Per-View and advertising-based models, they will evolve and hybrid advertising-subscription models are likely to become the standard. 

OTT Directory – Lists of Key Vendors and Capabilities

Media and enter digital transformation has created a range of OTT streaming services to compete with the traditional pay-TV entertainment houses. 

In the global OTT streaming market, the number of players includes global biggies such as Amazon or Netflix, independent platforms such as TVF Play and Spuul. 

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