Launching OTT Stream AMI on AWS

1. User should have Domain name bought with one of the Domain registrars (such as,, etc.)

2. User should configure Route 53 service at AWS, creating a Hosting zone for a newly bought domain name.

3. User should copy Nameservers from a new Hosting zone and add them to their Domain registrar.

4. User should allocate an Elastic IP address at EC2 service of AWS.

5. User should add an “A record” at Route 53 service of AWS, mapping the Domain name to the Elastic IP address.

6. User should stop instance and Associate Elastic IP address to this instance.

7. User should create an account on Then purchase a cPanel license (Solo) or get a 15-days free trial license from the cPanel store for an Elastic IP address of a newly created instance.

8. User should start instance and connect to it via SSH using username ubuntu

9. User should activate the license, executing the following command:
sudo /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt

10. User should update the Security Groups > Inbound rule of EC2 service of AWS, allowing the following ports:
2087, 2083, 80, 443, 25, 3306

11. User runs the following command to change root password:
sudo passwd root

12. User runs the following command to create a WHM’s one-time URL:
sudo whmapi1 create_user_session user=root service=whostmgrd

13. User copies the temporary URL from the terminal, pastes it to their browser, exchanges IP address at the beginning of the URL to current IP address of the instance and clicks Enter.

14. User changes IP address of the WHM with the IP address of the instance by navigating to WHM\Server Configuration\Basic WebHost Manager® Setup. Then searches “IP” from the Find option, replaces it and saves changes.

15. User changes IP address of cPanel by navigating to WHM\Account information\List accounts. Then clicks “+” symbol and presses “Change IP Address” button. Then selects the new instance IP address and saves the changes.

16. User changes Domain by navigating to WHM\Account information\List accounts. Then clicks “+” symbol and presses “Modify Account” button. Then enters Domain name in Primary Domain field and saves the changes.

17. User opens cPanel by clicking on amber cPanel logo on WHM\ Account information\List accounts. Then switches to a newly opened cPanel tab.

18. User opens File Manager\Settings on cPanel and ticks Show hidden files. Then navigates to public_html folder and edits .env file.

19. User changes APP_URL parameter with the Domain name.

20. User logins to the OTT platform using login and password demo

21. In order to ensure the email functionality, user raises a support ticket with AWS support to open port 25