Instant Playout Ecosystem

Ecosystem for IP Channel Playout


The broadcast industry requires a cloud-based solution to conquer the up-to-date technical and business challenges beyond virtualized appliances. CloudAir is built on the virtual channel playout principle and is fully software-centric. The processing infrastructure and cloud-based services are the future of video production and content delivery guaranteeing ultimate flexibility, reliability and agility for TV operators.

IP-based remote control With more than 18,000 channels deployed globally, PlayBox Technology is the global leader in the development and installation of server-based playout and channel branding services, many of which are remotely controlled over the Internet. Based on long experience and a proven track record, CloudAir creates an ecosystem for the broadcaster to access their playout servers from practically any location via an easy-to-use graphic interface.

CloudAir simplifies entire process of broadcasting a new TV station. It is available on a cost-friendly SaaS and provides numerous benefits such as quick and on-demand channel release, infinite scalability, availability 24/7, web-based connectivity and IP workflow. The cornerstone of each CloudAir product is the Channel in a Box Playout / IP Streaming Server, which supports UHD, HD and SD playout.

CloudAir is completely compatible with current PlayBox Technology solutions and can be used to expand their functionality and capabilities.

Interface Overview
CloudAir integrates a highly intuitive web-based UI ecosystem of user rights, Television channel management and user action logging and alerts.

CloudAir apps are the elements of the main system. Each works independently, but in close collaboration with the others, delivering a complete set of broadcast services and creating a full workflow for the TV channel. Basic applications for CloudAir are Content Ingest, Graphic Editor, Meta Data Monitoring & Clip Trimmer Media Browser Quality Control & Verification Software, Transcoder, Playlist Manager and Audit Log
• Data Ingest is a platform for uploading data and capturing IP channels for later use.
• Graphic Editor is a rich CloudAir web-based application that allows graphic templates to be created and managed. This enables the design of graphics for TitleBox.
• Media Browser (Asset Management) is an application for content management, interacting with one or more organizations their TV channels and users and assets A media asset is any type of content owned by the broadcaster, such as video text, audio, subtitles or image. Each asset represents the original file uploaded to the system or an associated file container.

Features involve creation of video thumbnails, viewing of proxy video files and editing in/out points

Sample Workflow

• Metadata is commonly viewed as a tree of categories, making it much easier for all media assets to be organized and searched.

• Quality Control permits Quality Control (QC) tasks to be created operated and monitored QC testing is intended to ensure that a file (or collection of files) for a particular channel meets the required quality standards. Similar levels of video and audio quality are grouped into several presets for Quality Control Tool (QCT)..

• Transcoder converts video and audio files or containers to broadcast formats (MPG PS / TS, MXF, QT, AVI, MP4, GXF, MPG2, H.264, ProRes, DNX HD, MJPEG, etc.) to be used again in CloudAir or a third party applications.

 Playlist Manager is a TV program scheduling resource that organizes and prepares for playout the media files of each channel for daily playlists. This integrates several tasks that are usually carried out by television operators including, the scheduling previewing, trimming, saving and exporting schedules of broadcasting media objects.

• Audit Log management tool keeps records of the activity of all users throughout the organization Sometimes named “auditable incidents” and “file events” these are the pieces of information provided.

CloudAir is fully automated to operate It also provides operators with the ability to schedule changes and add live content within programs when a late-breaking story makes it necessary or imperative.

Cloud Playout in Flexible Structuring

CloudAir is available in the following forms:

• Software which can be installed on customers’ own hardware.
• Software which can be installed on hardware provided by PlayBox Technology.
• A complete turnkey solution for installation by a broadcaster or service provider.
CloudAir reduces the need for complex hardware platforms. Available on a monthly basis, it helps service providers to launch new cloud-based playout platforms for third-party users quickly, easily and cost-effectively.