Header Bidding

Header bidding is a technique that allows publishers to offer their ad inventory to multiple demand sources simultaneously, before making calls to their ad servers. This way, publishers can increase their revenue by letting different buyers compete for the same impression, and advertisers can access more premium inventory and audiences.

One of the challenges of header bidding is that it can be complex and time-consuming to implement and manage, especially for publishers who work with multiple demand partners. To address this issue, initiatives like Prebid have emerged to provide a standardized and open-source framework for header bidding.

Prebid is a collection of free and open-source software products that help publishers implement header bidding on their websites and apps. Prebid includes:

  • Prebid.js: A JavaScript library that runs in the browser and handles the communication between the publisher’s page and the demand partners.
  • Prebid Server: A server-side solution that reduces latency and improves user experience by moving the header bidding auction to the cloud.
  • Prebid Mobile: A mobile solution that enables header bidding within mobile apps.
  • Prebid Video: A video solution that supports instream and outstream video ads with header bidding.
  • Prebid Native: A native solution that supports native ads with header bidding.
  • Prebid Adapters: Modules that connect Prebid to different demand sources, such as ad networks, exchanges, and SSPs.
  • Prebid Analytics: Tools that help publishers monitor and optimize their header bidding performance.

By using Prebid, publishers can benefit from:

  • Increased transparency: Prebid provides publishers with full visibility into the bidding process and the performance of each demand partner.
  • Increased efficiency: Prebid simplifies the integration and management of header bidding, reducing the operational costs and technical challenges for publishers.
  • Increased competition: Prebid enables publishers to access more demand sources and increase their fill rates and CPMs.

Header bidding is a powerful way to maximize the value of ad inventory and improve the online advertising ecosystem. Prebid is a leading initiative that makes header bidding more accessible, transparent, and efficient for publishers and advertisers.