AirBox Neo

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AirBox Neo

AirBox Neo provides automated content playout for satellite channels, cable head-ends, over-the-air broadcasters and corporate TV users. It is designed to be extremely robust, in
order to meet the highest reliability demands of on-air playout. Due to its unique modular architecture it is also suitable for webcasters, hotel Pay TV channels, corporate presentations, video wall sourcing and other program distribution systems.

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• Compatible with a vast variety of compression types: MPEG-2, DV, DVCPro,
DVCPro HD, AVC/H.264, HAVC/H.265, XAVC etc.
• Supports a multitude of media containers: MPEG-2 program and
transport streams, AVI, QuickTime, MP4, MXF, GXF, LXF etc.
• SMPTE2016-3 AFD Support
• Advanced time-based scheduling with automated conflict resolving
• Simultaneous video scaling of both live input and playlist output
• Mixing different media formats, frame rates and resolutions in a
single playlist
• Ingest control for CaptureBox Neo
• Playback of clips still being ingested
• Built-in static and animated logos support
• Additional video transformations
• On-air subtitling, 3D side-by-side subtitling
• Closed caption playout support for EIA 608, EIA 708 and XDS
• Multi-channel multi-language audio playout
• Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby-E audio media playback and output
• Automatic audio routing and remapping based on audio language,
type and other metadata
• Automatic Loudness Control
• Live sources from SDI, MPEG-2 TS (UDP/RTP), HTTP(S), RTMP, MMS(H)
and YouTube
• SCTE 104/35 generetion for commercial insertion
• SCTE-104 Decoder for Digital Program/Commercial Insertion (optional)
• UDP/RTP/RTMP stream output
• Metadata support for text-rich graphics insertion
• Detailed playout log (AsRun log, System log)
• Live Show Clipboard for on-the-fly event and live stream insertion
• Third party devices control (video routers, video mixers, DTMF, GPI, etc.)
• Remote playout control through VDCP, GPI, DTMF, Network API, etc.
• Redundant Playout



MPEG2, DV, HDV, WMV/VC-1, MPEG1, MPEG4, AVC/H.264, DVC Pro, JPEG 2000, AVC-Intra, Apple ProRes 422, DVCPro50, DVCPro HD, HAVC/H.265
PAL / NTSC / 1080i HD / 720p HD / 1080p HD / 4K UHD
1 – 15 Mbit/sec in MPEG2 MP@ML • 10 – 50 Mbit/sec in MPEG2 422P@ML
1 – 80 Mbit/sec in MPEG2 MP@HL • 25 Mbit/sec with HDV and DV
up to 80Mbit/s MPEG2 HD HP@HL • up to 40Mbit/s AVC/H.264 Baseline/Main up to 80Mbit/s AVC/H.264 Main/High • class 50 and 100 AVC-Intra
Color sampling
4:2:0 – MPEG2 Main Profile (incl. HDV), 4:2:2 – MPEG2 4:2:2 Profile 4:2:0 / 4:1:1 – DV 25 Mbit/sec, 4:2:0 – WMV and AVC
4:2:2 – Apple ProRes, 4:2:0 – AVC – Intra


MPEG audio Layer 1 or 2, AAC audio,
Uncompressed PCM, Windows Media Audio, Dolby Digital (AC3)
Bitrate (MPEG audio):
64-384 Kbit/sec
48 kHZ

Media File Formats

MPG or M2P – Program Streams, M2T or TS – Transport Stream (SPTS and MPTS) OpenDML AVI and WAV (mono and stereo), QuickTime, MXF, GXF OpenDML Type 1 and Type 2 AVI, HDV, QuickTime, Raw DV, MXF, GXF
MPG or M2T / TS – Transport Stream, QuickTime, MXF, GXF
HAVC/H.265 Transport Stream, QuickTime
Transport Stream (SPTS and MPTS), QuickTime, MXF WMV
MPG – System Stream