PlayBox at NAB 2013 – Press Preview

PlayBox at NAB 2013 – Press Preview

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April 8-11, Las Vegas Convention Center Booth: N5435

PlayBox Technology, the world’s leading Channel-in-a-Box manufacturer, is presenting its full range of products and services at NAB 2013. The introduction of ScheduleBox expands the company’s established range of products and modular options to meet the increasingly diverse applications for today’s playout channel needs.

The new ScheduleBox is a Web-based client/server solution for creating and managing advanced schedules. Operating within a web browser, the user-friendly GUI handles template-based TV broadcast planning, offering straightforward management of single or multiple TV channels.

Programme schedules with daily, weekly or monthly views, and programme block management per TV channel, are available. Gaps and overlaps are easily identified in the programme blocks. Monitoring and control of the different block statuses, such as Draft, New, Ready for publishing, is available at a glance. ScheduleBox, designed for easier control and information gathering, as well as better organisation, suits any TV channel supporting multi-format schedules with predefined and repeated blocks as part of the programme schema.

Popular complete workflow solutions on show include: 

EdgeBox offers fully redundant automatic remote playout anywhere in the world via the internet. It makes a TV station, complete with local branding and content, an economic reality – even for small audiences. The whole operation can run from an established broadcast centre, at a cost that makes sense. EdgeBox comprises two parts: one integrated at the broadcast centre with the existing traffic, storage, MAM, ingest, transcoding and file transfer systems, and the other at the remote site includes the playout equipment and monitoring.

TimeShiftBox provides channel delays with lossless quality, flexibility and PlayBox reliability for shifts including +1, +2, +24 to +1 week, meeting the needs of satellite teleports, telecoms, international broadcasters and TV networks for delayed TV channel playout. It offers delays from 10sec to 7days+ with logo overlay, multichannel audio, which is kept as AES/EBU data without re-compression, and preserves SDI ancillary data. Configurations include single-channel SDI and HD-SDI. RAID-protected media storage and redundant hot-swap power supplies that help to ensure reliability.

AdBox enables content owners to maximise their business potential by targeting commercials for specific audiences with ad insertion and Digital Programme Insertion (DPI) in both SD and HD, as SDI or DVB (ASI/IP). AdBox provides basic cost-effective digital ad insertion, scales to meet next-generation targeted advertising requirements, and provides a quick return on investment. It can be installed locally, or remotely at the headend, and monitored and controlled via the internet. If required, hundreds of hours of ad insertion and DPI can be scheduled, and an entire stand-alone solution provided, or it can be integrated into the content owner’s current workflows.

PlayBox Technology will be demonstrating all its solutions that include: AirBoxCaptureBoxTitleBoxListBoxDataBoxSafeBoxQCBoxSubtitleBoxScheduleBox, and more, as well as fully integrated workflow solutions including: EdgeBoxAdBoxTimeShiftBoxTrafficBoxPlayBox MAMand a technology preview of the future product NewsRoomBox.